Complete Mussoorie Travel Guide 2021 -22

Complete Mussoorie Travel Guide 2021 -22

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A Complete Mussoorie Travel Guide – The Queen of Hills

Today we will take you to such a place which is known as the Queen of the mountains. Today we will take you to Mussoorie. Which is also known as the queen of hills. It is said that Mussoorie is the most famous hill station in North India. Will provide here the Complete Mussoorie Travel Guide. Mussoorie is located in Indian Northern State, Uttaranchal.

It was established by Britishers in 1825. Mussoorie is just 33 km away from the capital of Uttaranchal, Dehradun. And among all the capital cities near Uttaranchal, most of the people come to visit Mussoorie. And because it’s the most famous and tourist-friendly place that’s why it is very much popular among tourists.

So, today we will tell you how to visit Mussoorie? How can you reach Mussoorie and how to do intercity traveling? What types of hotels are available in Mussoorie and how can you book them? What are the top attractions to visit in Mussoorie? How should you plan your trip in such a way that you can visit Mussoorie within 2-3 days? What extreme sports are available in Mussoorie? And what will be the total expense for visiting Mussoorie? The Complete Mussoorie Travel Guide you will get here.

Not just this, what are the places to visit nearby Mussoorie? Someone said it is absolutely right that there are few places in the world that do not just change with time. And Mussoorie is one of those places. The beauty of Mussoorie is still matchless.

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Complete Mussoorie Travel GuideSo how to visit this popular hill station of North India? First of all, let’s talk about the transportation that how to reach here? You can come to Mussoorie via all three ways that are, flight, train, bus or by car. The nearest airport to Mussoorie is Dehradun Airport which is approximately 35 km away from Mussoorie. And in order to reach Mussoorie from Dehradun, you will get a taxi or bus service.

You can get the bus ticket from Dehradun to Mussoorie for approximately 80 rupees. And if you book a taxi then they will take you to Mussoorie for 800-1000 rupees.

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The cost of the flight ticket to reach Dehradun will depend on your departure state that where are you coming to Dehradun from? If you buy a flight ticket from Delhi to Dehradun then it will cost you approximately 1500-2000 rupees.

Private Vehicle

For all the private cars a separate route or diversion was made for them.  They had to go separately after the diversion.  You have to do online registration on the website of the Uttarakhand government,  there’s a website of smart city-Dehradun. 

It’s possible that most people might not know about getting the registration done over there.  So here, after the diversion, you can park your car ahead. There’s a window where you can do your registration,  get your printout, and then you can enter Uttarakhand. 


Now, let’s talk about trains.  The nearest train station to Mussoorie is  Dehradun Terminal Railway Station.  You can come to Dehradun from your departure state via train and from there you can again opt for the bus to reach Mussoorie in approximately 80 rupees. Now, the train ticket from Delhi- Dehradun of   AC Chair Car costs 500 INR.  And what would be the cost of reaching Dehradun from your state?  You can check this on the website of IRCTC


Now, you can come to Mussoorie via bus directly from your state only if there is a direct bus from your state to Mussoorie.  Otherwise, you can come to Dehradun via bus and from there you can again reach Mussoorie by bus.  All the buses that take you to Mussoorie from Dehradun will leave you at Mussoorie’s Library Chowk.

 Which is considered as the city center of Mussoorie.  This is the chowk (place) where you get to hire any taxi to visit Mussoorie or a personal scooter to visit Mussoorie.  Yeah, you can visit Mussoorie in 2 ways through intercity transport. 

The first one is Mussoorie’s taxi service or auto service,  which will charge you according to your destination.  Or secondly, you can hire a personal scooter to visit Mussoorie. One day cost of which would be 700 rupees around.  And because Mussoorie is a hill station,  so the best advantage would lie in hiring a personal scooter there. 

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Accommodation in Mussoorie

Complete Mussoorie Travel Guide – Now let’s talk about Hotels in Mussoorie.  For visiting Mussoorie in a complete manner,  you will have to book the hotel for a maximum of 2-3 nights and all sorts of hotels are available in Mussoorie.  First of all, let’s talk about 5-star hotels. Five-star hotels are also available in Mussoorie which are expensive and located at very elite locations. 

Hotels And Hostel’s Cost

But, an average hotel in Mussoorie could cost you  1000-1500 rupees.  For students, hostels are also available in Mussoorie. Which if you want then you can book for 500 rupees.  There’s a hospice (Dharamshala) as well in Mussoorie which is situated at the library chowk.  This hospice is managed by Gurudwara.  Where you can get a bed for 100 rupees but it remains full most of the time. 

So, our suggestion would be that if you are coming to Mussoorie then book your hotels prior to your arrival here.  The price of hotels in Mussoorie changes with changing seasons.  If you are going to Mussoorie during the off-season and you get a hotel for 1000 rupees. The same hotel will cost you 3000-4000 rupees during peak season

There are some places in Mussoorie where you can take your personal camp and do camping.  But still, the best place to stay, in Mussoorie,  is considered to be Mall Road.  If your hotel is at Mall Road of Mussoorie then your evening could be spent well. 

Guys, they’re a lot of amazing places to have breakfast at,   I am not able to decide exactly which one would be the best.  Now it’s very easy to book any hotel in Mussoorie.  Just go to Google and type ‘Hotels in Mussoorie’,  you will get links to numerous merchant websites.  Visit any merchant website as per your choice,  type ‘Mussoorie’ over there

And type the dates, from and till when you need the booking, and click on the search button.  Now after this, you can apply filters of your choice.   You can apply filters for 5-star, 4-star, 3-star, or you can apply filters for hostels as well.  And then you can select a hotel according to your budget and choice. 

Our suggestion would be the same again that book a hotel near Mall Road, if possible.  You can also apply the filter of ‘Mall Road’ for your search. 

Best way to book hotels

The easiest way to get the best price for hotels is first. You should check the rates of hotels online and then personally call that hotel. And ask if they can provide it for cheaper prices than the online prices.  Many times, they do negotiate due to your call and you get a hotel for an even less price. 

Top attractions to visit in Mussoorie? 

Complete Mussoorie Travel GuideNow let’s talk about what are top attractions to visit in Mussoorie? 

Kempty Falls

The biggest tourist spot of Mussoorie is Kempty Falls.  Kempty Falls is approximately 14 km away from library chowk which can take 35 minutes for you to reach there.  Kempty Falls is the most famous touristic spot of Mussoorie where every year tourists visit in the number of millions (lakhs).  You can also use ropeway service to visit Kempty falls. The ticket of which will cost you 120 rupees for both sides

It’s a must to enjoy the waterfall of Kempty Falls and there you can also enjoy boating.  The timings of Kempty Falls are from sunrise to sunset and you won’t require an entry ticket to come here.  The best time to visit Kempty Falls is during the summer season so that you can enjoy the waterfalls here

And our suggestion would be that if you are visiting Kempty Falls then do keep an extra pair of clothes with you.  You will definitely need them.  Just like Kempty Falls,

Mussoorie Lake or Mussoorie Jheel

The second famous place which has been built by the government of Mussoorie,  namely Mussoorie Lake or Mussoorie Jheel.  Mussoorie Lake is approximately 6 km away from Library Chowk and is on Dehradun-Mussoorie highway.  Mussoorie Lake is a tourist spot developed by City Board, for tourists. 

Where you will find numerous shops to do shopping from,   a haunted house,   you can also do boating and extreme sports there which includes paragliding, KTV riding, skywalk, and zip-line. 

What place is Mussoorie Lake?  It’s a newly opened place and is a very amazing place, a lot of things are carried out here. And numerous extreme sports take place here and there are a lot of things for a family, to enjoy here. 

The entry fee for Mussoorie Lake is 12 rupees and you have to pay parking charges separately.  Wasn’t there a receipt for parking?  No, why?  There was written ‘Paid parking’ but no one gave us a receipt. 

The entry ticket is for 12 rupees.  You will have to give 10 rupees per person to those who will go inside.  The timings of Mussoorie Lake are from 8 am to 7 pm. 

Mussoorie is Mall Road

The third most famous place of Mussoorie is Mall Road.  And it’s a must to visit Mall Road.  Mussoorie’s Mall Road, which is a 2km long road,  is spread from Mussoorie Chowk and Picture Palace. You will find many places in this mall road where viewpoints are very nice and where you can click a lot of pictures

The most tremendous hotels of Mussoorie and the most amazing restaurants Of Mussoorie are also to be found in this Mall road.  Mussoorie Mall road is also considered a prominent place for shopping.  And if you head for the east part from the west part at Mussoorie’s Mall road then you can also visit the biggest attractions of this Mall road. 

Attraction in Mall Road

It includes the famous aquarium of Mussoorie,  the most famous Cambridge Book depot,  we all know about the Lovely omelet center.  And even today, gaming parlors are very much famous in Mussoorie.  For kids as well as adults,  this parlor is the best place to spend some time.  The best way to visit Mussoorie’s Mall Road is by walking in which you will find souvenirs to buy for your family.  Chicken is very famous in this place.  We will look for video game parlors as well,  there’s a big one ahead, and we will try there. 

The famous lovely cheese omelet of Mussoorie is also to be found at Mussoorie’s Mall road. And there are a lot of things for kids and adults to do at Mussoorie’s Mall road like Mussoorie’s famous restaurants and video game parlors.

Mussoorie’s Mall Road is at its most prime location and if you want to book a hotel. Even then it’s suggested to book it at Mall Road.  ‘The entry for Mussoorie’s Mall Road is free. But if you are coming in your car then you will have to pay 150 rupees to enter here.  And the best time to visit Mussoorie’s Mall road is evening time. 

Lal Tibba Scenic Point

After Mall road, you can visit Lal Tibba Scenic Point.  Lal Tibba scenic point is approximately at a distance of 7.5 km from the library chowk and it might take you half an hour to reach there.  The literal meaning of Lal Tibba is Lal Pahad which means red hill.  It is the highest point of Mussorie and the most famous place amongst the tourists. 

And there’s even a telescope at the roof from where you can have a closer look at the Himalayas. The timings for visiting Lal Tibba’s scenic point are between 8 am and 8 pm. The entry fees are 50 rupees per person and  1 hour will be sufficient for you to explore this place.  And this place is the most amazing place for photography freaks in Mussoorie. 

Mussoorie’s Bhatta

Mussoorie’s Bhatta Falls is also very famous.  Bhatta Falls is approximately 13kms away from Library chowk and it might take you 30-35 minutes to reach there.  It is a recently developed picnic spot which is located very near to Mussoorie. Bhatta falls is a very amazing place for trekking and you will have to do trekking for a few kilometers to reach here. 

You can also opt for the ropeway service to reach Bhatta Falls in which a 12 seater cable car will take you to Bhatta Falls.  There is no entry charge for visiting Bhatta Falls but the ropeway charges do exist.  The timings to visit Bhatta Falls are from 8 am to 5 pm. And you can avoid this fall also during the rainy season. 

Gun hill point. 

From Mussoorie’s Mall road,  you can take the ropeway to reach Gun hill point.  Gun hill point is approximately 5-6 km away from library chowk and it will take you 20 minutes to reach there.  This point is the most historic and the second-highest peak of Mussoorie.  The Gun hill point is most famous for its photography and for a 360 degree of the Himalayan range. 

You can also use ropeway service to reach Gun hill point which starts from Mussoorie Mall road.  The timings of Gun hill point are from 10 am to 6 pm.  And the entry ticket costs 75 rupees per person.  Our suggestion would be that never visit Gun hill point during the rainy season and if you visit there during clear weather then you will witness amazing viewpoints there. 

Food and Beverages

Now we will tell you,  what is the most famous place in Mussoorie for food and beverages?  First of all, let’s talk about Mussoorie’s Lovely omelet center.  The biggest gem of Mussoorie’s Mall road is the cheese omelet of the lovely omelet center.  Lovely cheese omelet. It’s one of the famous street foods of Mussoorie.  The lovely cheese omelet center has been here for over 100 years. 

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It was established in 1918.  But before 1975 only eggs were sold here.  And after that,  the owner of this place that is Shahid Ansari’s ancestors started selling Omelette here.  The most famous dish of Lovely Omelette is  It’s Cheese Omelette, Butter Omelette, and Chocolate Omelette. 

Lovely Omelette is one of the most famous eateries of Mussoorie.  And people come from far-off places to Mussoorie just to have this Cheese Omelette.  Guys, as usual, there is a waiting time of  45mins-1 hour at Lovely Cheese Omelette.  And you have to wait here.  If we go ahead then they skip your turn. 

Along with this, Lal Tibba Binocular café at  Lal Tibba point is also very famous.  While eating and drinking at the binocular café,  you can enjoy the most spectacular view of Mussoorie.  This place is famous for its coffee and enjoys a 360-degree view of Mussoorie while having coffee. 

The most famous place of Mussoorie for its Chinese food is  Kalsang Friends Corner. It is situated at Mussoorie’s Mall road.  Its price is also not too much and here,  you can have a complete dine-in with your family.

Activities in Mussoorie 

Now let’s talk about other activities in Mussoorie which we call ‘Extreme Sports’ or Adventure sports in Mussoorie.  Many types of adventure sports are available in Mussoorie like Zip-line, paragliding, KTV riding, rock climbing, and many other such extreme sports. You can do extreme sports in Mussoorie. At Mussoorie Lake or dedicated places have been made for these extreme sports are at different locations in Mussoorie. 

It is very easy to find and book for these extreme sports,  type ‘Extreme Sports in Mussoorie’ or   ‘Adventure Sports in Mussoorie’ on google.  You will get many links for these extreme sports.  These extreme sports are available individually or in group packages.  Zip-line can cost you approximately 400 rupees and if you want to buy a combo of these extreme sports then that will cost you 1500-1600 rupees. 

Total Expense – Complete Mussoorie Travel

Now let’s talk about what would be your total expense to Complete the Mussoorie visit?  First of all, transportation.  If you come to Mussoorie via flight then you will have to come to Dehradun. The price of which from Delhi is 2000 rupees. 

And then you have to come to Mussoorie from Dehradun which might cost you 100 rupees.  If you come to Mussoorie via flight then your expense would be 2000-3000 rupees.  The expense of reaching Mussoorie depends on your mode of Transportation.  So, for now, we can take it as 2000 rupees.

Secondly, if you book an average hotel in Mussoorie then the expense per night could be 1000 rupees. And accordingly, your expense for 3 nights will be 3000 rupees.  Most of the attractions in Mussoorie are free of cost but after including ropeway and intercity transport. Your expense could be 1000 rupees per day.  So the expenses for visiting attractions for 3 days will be 3000 rupees.  Now, it depends on you to do activities in Mussoorie that which extreme sports do you want to do? 

Your food and beverages expense in Mussoorie could be 500 rupees per day.  So, for 3 days your expense would be 1500-2000 rupees.  So, your total expense for visiting Mussoorie is 2000 INR for Transportation. 

3000 INR for Hotels.  3000 INR for Attractions.  And 2000 INR for Food.  So, your estimated expense for visiting Mussoorie could be  9000-10000 INR per person which will include your hotel, transportation, and food

In addition to that, if you want to do any extreme sports then you have to pay an extra cost for that.  In fact, along with visiting Mussoorie,  you can also visit places nearby Mussoorie. 

Places to visit nearby Mussoorie

There are many places to visit nearby Mussoorie like  Dehradun. Which is the capital of Uttarakhand and  Rishikesh. Which is famous for extreme sports and camping.  A few miles away, you will find Haridwar where you can do a holy dip in Ganga.

And visit the famous temples of Uttarakhand.  Along with these,  Lansdowne is also a very good and famous hill station. And with this Dhanaulti is located at a close distance from Mussoorie,  which is a very amazing hill station just like Mussoorie. 

So, this was our Complete Mussoorie Travel Guide.  I hope you liked this detail.

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