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Website Thetravelglobal is related to traveling and trips, outings, picnics, trekking, adventure trips, etc. We provide the information based on facts and research and try to give as much as best and deepest information about the place details to the reader. Sources of the data we used on our website, images used from some free websites like unsplus.com, Pixabay, Google images labeled for reuse and self-clicked images, information Wikipedia, youtube, etc

Here in Thetravelglobal we try to find the best places for holidays and vacations for people in India and from abroad. Also, we try to get deep information about the place. So a visitor can have a better idea about the places. So they can enjoy and experience hospitality in that region, culture also taste the best food, and shoot the best videos and stunning photos.

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We welcome guest bloggers to write about their travel experiences worldwide.

Please email us at soughtdata@gmail.com if you would like your article to be published on Thetravelglobal, Also one can reach us for link placing and sponsor posts and post in social media handles and featuring stories altogether. There is a minimum cost we charge for post and link placing, that we can discuss over the mail.

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