Best Attraction in Pattaya Thailand

Best Attraction in Pattaya Thailand

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Here are the best attraction in Pattaya Thailand

From Bangkok 150 km away there is a place it is famous for its fun & entertainment in all over the world.  The name of this place is Pattaya. Best Attraction in Pattaya Thailand is for any kind of tourists like a couple, family, and solo traveler. 

Pattaya city is on the seaside coast because of its beaches. Water activities, nightlife, sunset, and market attracts tourists from all over the world. Now you will come to know Why Pattaya city is so adorable?  And also you would know the Best Attraction in Pattaya Thailand. There you must go as a tourist.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo 

If you came to Pattaya and you don’t feed milk to cub then your trip is incomplete.  Sriracha tiger zoo is the biggest tiger zoo in Pattaya  It claims that it has 200 tigers & 10000 crocodiles  Sriracha tiger zoo is the only zoo in Thailand in which you can take a closeup picture with crocodile, elephant, and tiger. 

Image from Unsplash

It’s an amazing zoo you would have never ever seen this type of zoo.  You can walk with tigers, click a picture, feed them,  You can do anything  Along with this, there is a tiger show,  Elephant show, scorpion show, pig racing, and crocodile shows are available  Sriracha tiger zoo is on the outskirt of Pattaya.

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It opens from 8 am to 5:30 pm Sriracha tiger zoo entry fee is 480 Baht. In online you can get a big discount on tickets. Sriracha tiger zoo shows timing is very specific. Which you can find it outside from tiger zoo and it is available on the online website.

Big Buddha Temple

As the name suggests Big buddha temple is a Buddhist temple.  This Gold-plated statue of Buddha Ji is 12 meters high.  Big Buddha temple is made in 1972. Since then it has been a major landmark of Pattaya city. And one of the most attractive places for tourists. Big Buddha temple’s most attractive thing is its stairs  On both sides of the stairs.

Big Buddha Temple, Koh Samui, Thailand Best Attraction in Pattaya Thailand
Image from Unsplash

There are two golden dragons. It represents the Indian mythology mystical snakes called Nagas (Snake)  Guys, as you can see behind me  These are mystical dragons. It has seven heads. It is on both sides  It goes to the big buddha temple  And it represents Vishnu Ji. Seven heads Nagas (Snake)  Here buddha Ji represents Vishnu Ji  Buddha Ji sculpture is not the only thing  There is 7 more sculpture

Buddha Ji temple opens from 7 am to 10 pm.  Its entry is free of cost  Best time to reach here is at sunrise or at sunset. 

Sanctuary of truth building

Sanctuary of truth building is made by wood. It is based on Hinduism and Buddhism beliefs  The main reason for making this building is to awaken the goodness inside people and to kill the evil inside the people  Each piece of this building is sculpted by hands  It refers to Thailand and its religions of ancient times.

Sanctuary of truth entry fees is 500 Baht for adult & 250 Baht for kids.  Sanctuary of truth opens from 8 am to 5 pm If you are coming to the sanctuary of truth. Then you should wear clothes that cover your shoulder & knees. Because for residents of Thailand this place is venerable and like a temple.  And the way of dressing in temples, we all know very well. 

Pattaya Floating Market 

Pattaya Floating Market  Pattaya Floating Market is Pattaya’s riverside attraction  It promotes Thailand’s riverside community and their traditional way of living.  A floating market is a market you can buy anything while sitting on a boat. 

woman in blue dress shirt and brown straw hat sitting on brown wooden boat
Image by Alyssa Pay from Unsplash

Pattaya Floating market shows when Pattaya was surrounded by a river. And trade was done in Pattaya by boat.  In today’s time, Pattaya Floating Market is used as a tourist attraction. The same type of market you will see in Indonesia, Vietnam,  Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh  Pattaya Floating Market is in South Pattaya

It opens from 9 am to 8 pm Pattaya Floating Market entry fees is 200 Baht.  But you can purchase the big packages of it. In these packages, shopping and the top attraction will be included

Pattaya Park Tower

Pattaya Park Tower is Pattaya’s biggest seaside tower At the top of the tower there is a revolving restaurant. From Pattaya Park Tower you can see the whole Pattaya  You can watch the beautiful panoramic view on the observation deck on the 55th floor  In Pattaya Park Tower you will get many adventure activities. 

It includes a Tower jump, Speed Shuttle, or Sky Shuttle. If you are an extreme sports lover. Then this place is best for you. Pattaya Tower is also famous for its Cable rides. It starts from the top of Pattaya Park tower and goes to the ground floor of it.

Pattaya Park Tower entry fees are 300 Baht  You have an opportunity to see the 360 views from the top of it  This Tower opens from 10 am to 7 pm You can’t miss watching this Tower. 

Jomtien Beach And night market

Jomtien Beach is famous for water sports. Here you will be found beach hotels, restaurants & condominiums at the cheapest price.  Jomtien beach’s famous sport is jet ski, paragliding, scuba diving, and motorboat riding. 

Jomtien Beach is open all the time. But entry is not allowed on beaches after 6 pm. Because there is a high tide at night and there is a tendency of the drowning of tourists. Jomtien Beach entry is totally free. Along with this, its beach market is also famous.  If you want to see the whole of Pattaya. Then you should visit Jomtien beach in south Pattaya. 

Jomtien night market

Jomtien night market is in Jomtien beach it’s the biggest market in south Pattaya. It is famous for its independent food stalls, clothes, souvenir, shopping. 

Jomtien night market opens from 5 pm to 11 pm Jomtien night market entry is free. But you have to pay for the activities you have done.  The easiest way to reach the Jomtien market is a local transport Like Took-Took.  Because the market is on the roadside. Therefore, you won’t have any problem.

Mini Siam

This is the famous miniature park of Pattaya. It is located at Sukhumvit Road  Mini Siam project starts in 1985 and ends in 1986  It includes a mini Europe miniature, a booking hall, souvenir shops, and 29 different kinds of miniature you will see here

The Park opens from 7 am to 9 pm Its entry is 300 Baht. Mini Siam entry tickets can be booked online. So that you don’t have to stand in a long queue for an entry ticket 

Art of paradise

Art of paradise is Thailand’s biggest three-dimensional museum. It is spread around 2500 square meters. There are almost 150 paintings hang on  In Art of paradise. The paintings are made by almost 15 different artists. They came from Korea & Thailand. In the art of paradise, all paintings are made in 2 and a half months. The technique used for these paintings had never been used before in Thailand. 

Art of Paradise is open from 10 am to 10 pm Entry fees are 290 Baht. One suggestion Carry your camera in Art of Paradise. Because if you take a picture from their cameras you have to pay for it separately. It doesn’t include in it. 

Terminal 21 mall

Terminal 21 mall is more than an ordinary mall in Pattaya. This mall is like a transportation hub. It almost represents all the country’s culture as you go on in Terminal 21. You will experience a different country’s culture  I will give you a small example of this mall. 

They have made the whole golden gate bridge  See the whole golden gate bridge  Here in Italy, Paris, Tokyo, London, San Francisco, and from Hollywood to Istanbul all special attraction things are available.  This mall has almost six floors. There are no entry charges of it  Terminal 21 mall is started in Pattaya on Oct 2018. It is established at central Pattaya walking street. 

This mall opens from 11 am to 11 pm The Entry to this mall is free 

Cartoon Network Amazon Water Park 

Cartoon Network Amazon Water Park  It’s the world’s first cartoon network theme park based on cartoons. It is divided into six different zones. It has 18 different water slides  Cartoon Network Amazon Water Park’s merchandise will be available at Cartoon network park  It includes swimwear, T-shirt, Sweater, Towels and toys for kids.

people swimming in pool during daytime
Image source Unsplash

It opens from 10 am to 6 pm Entry fees are 425 Baht. But online you can get discounts for the entry tickets. Because different-different vendors to give different-different offers. Cartoon Network Water Park Theme suggestion is carrying your swimming costume. In the park outside food & drink is not allowed. So, you have to purchase from inside the park

Pattaya City Sign

Pattaya City Sign is Pattaya’s biggest landmark  All the tourists can come here free of cost  Usually, the independent traveler came here for clicking pictures and selfies, And for a beautiful sunset, Pattaya City Sign is nearby Pattaya Beach. 

Pattaya signage
Image source Unsplash

You will get the motorboat & fairy from here to go coral island  Pattaya City Sign Opened for 24Hours  And there are no entry fees  One suggestion for Pattaya City Sign  Come here on sunset around 5:30 pm You can see the best sunset from here and you don’t miss.

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach is Pattaya’s famous tourist spot.  It is almost 4 Kilometer long coastline. You can say that this is the Best star Attraction in Pattaya Thailand. It is one of the biggest beaches in Pattaya  And you will find the most water sports here. 

woman riding a blue surfboard in a body of water pattaya beach
Image source Unsplash

Pattaya Beach is in Central Pattaya. It opens till 6 pm After 6 pm the entry in Pattaya beach is prohibited. There are no entry fees for Pattaya Beach. It is free of cost. But the activities you want to do you have to pay for it 

Pattaya’s Walking Street

Walking Street is the Best Attraction in Pattaya Thailand Pattaya’s most Entertaining zone in Pattaya. And the red-light district in this area. You can easily get a seafood restaurant, live music, boos, disco tech, sports bar, ladyboy, Pattaya girls, Alcazar show.

Walking Street Pattaya, Pattaya City, Thailand
Image source Unsplash

Walking Street is the most attractive tourist spot in Pattaya. It has attracted foreigners for many years. Walking Street is mainly famous for its nightlife. Walking Street is in Central Pattaya nearby Pattaya Beach.

It opens from 5 pm to 3 am although Walking Street is open for a whole day. But for your enjoyment, you should come from 5 pm to 3 am. In Walking Street, your personal vehicle is not allowed here that’s why.  One suggestion is to come here by local transport  Or hire a scooter/two-wheeler 

Coral Island

Coral Island is Pattaya’s famous tourist spot.  It takes a motor ride of 45 minutes from Pattaya seashore.  This is the biggest island nearby Pattaya.  It is famous for its beautiful beaches and blue water.  To visit the coral island the fairy will be available nearby Pattaya City View Point.  You can also take a motorboat.  It will take only 10 minutes to drop you at Coral Island  Coral Island has many beaches

people on white sand beach during daytime
Image source Unsplash

All have their own beauty  So. You have to decide  Which beach do you want to go to?  On every beach, you will get the ride of a jet ski, snorkeling, banana ride, and speed boat. Coral Island have no entry fees. But there is a time for fairy  Its interval is easily available online. So friends these are the Best Attraction in Pattaya Thailand, all tourist loves Pattaya.

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