Indian Festivals to attend in March as Tourist

Indian Festivals to attend in March as Tourist

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There are many colors of Indian Festivals to attend in March as tourists. Festivals tied to India’s culture, old customs, and traditions. Makes our country different from the whole world.

In the month of March every year, you can also visit some parts of the country. Where festivals are being organized with great pomp. So let’s know about the festivals and places held in March.


Traditionally the festival of Holi is celebrated on the full moon date in March every year. This festival lasts for two days.

It is the main festival of Hindus. Which is celebrated with colors. Apart from this, Holi is the most prestigious festival in India.

woman carrying child on color run Indian Festivals to attend in March
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It is celebrated with full pomp and gaiety across the country. Holi festival falls in the spring. Colors are spread in the streets and corners of every city.

It is celebrated as a festival of love and this time is one of the most colorful times in the entire Indian calendar. Everyone colors each other on Holi. Holi is one of the popular Indian Festivals to attend in March as tourists.

When – 20 and 21 March

Where: All over India


Celebrates the Myoko festival in Jiro, Arunachal Pradesh. This place combines both culture and nature. It is a traditional tribal celebration of the Apatani tribe. In this festival, a variety of interesting rituals, processions, and demonstrations are seen.

The rituals performed in this festival symbolize prosperity, fertility, purification, and sacrifice. Rituals in the celebration are performed by the village shamam or priest. At this festival, you can also meet the guests of Nawaji and locals here on the pretext of being Shamli.

When – Mostly last week of March, Check the correct date before attending.

Where: Jiro, Arunachal Pradesh Konkan Velas Turtle Festival

The Konkan Velas Turtle Festival

Olive Ridley is the smallest of the sea turtles which is now extinct. The Konkan Velas Turtle Festival is an exciting festival for these aging aquatic creatures.

This species of turtle has been living in the ocean for 220 million years. Olive Ridley’s children, the little turtle, take their first steps into the ocean at this annual turtle festival.

When – In early March, check on the official website for the right time

Where – Velas Village, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Mewar Holika Dahan

A magnificent Holika Dahan ceremony is organized by the royal family of Mewar. Wood and dried bonfire are planted in it. Holika Dahan symbolizes an occasion that reminds the triumph of good over evil.

A procession takes place during Holi. In which horses adorned with the royal family of the Mewar family come to the streets of Manek Chowk. In this way, you will not get to see the Holi festival anywhere else.

When – March

Where – City Palace, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Goa Carnival

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Goa Carnivals name comes at the top of Goa’s biggest and best party. This place is, known for its colonial past. And local celebrations are completely transformed during Carnival. This carnival brings out the tableaux and a mix of dancers, music, and rhythm with colorful costumes.

You can also be a part of this parade. The parade is formally concluded with red and black dance and its dress code is red and black. It is a carnival of 4-5 days. You can join this carnival in the month of Feb – March.

When between Feb or March

Where: Carnival parade starts from Panaji and goes to Margao, Vasco, and Mapusa in Goa.

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