Many Religions Millions of People for Oneness

Many Religions Millions of People for Oneness

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Satlok Ashram Samagam or Gathering

In India, Satlok Ashram Samagam is a gathering organized by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj, a spiritual leader and founder of the Satlok Ashram. aThe serves as a platform for followers and people who are interested in coming together for spiritual discourses, and prayers, and to listen to the teachings of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj emphasizes the importance of devotion to the true Almighty, according to his interpretation of spiritual scriptures. He has gained a significant following, and his discourses often focus on the significance of leading a righteous life, Chanting “Names” and understanding the true nature of God.

The Samagam typically includes various activities such as spiritual discourses. Devotional songs, communal prayers, dowry free Marriage, free stay, and food for three days. Followers from different religions and parts of the country gather at the Satlok Ashram to participate in these events.

When Samagam is Orgnise?

The Samagam is organized 3-4 times a year in memories of Gurus like in March – Sant Garib Das Ji Maharaj, June – Kabir Saheb Prakat Divas, Feb – Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Boadh Divas.

Here is the Calendar for the Year 2024

Where this Samagam is Organised? Satlok Ashram Samagam

The Samagam or Gathering is such huge that they cannot gather in one place. There are many Satlok Ashrams in the Country where this gathering is held according to persons nearby state Satlok Ashram devotees go.

In India, there are more than 10 Satlok Ashrams and this gathering happens each time. This gathering(Samagam) is for three days where stay and food is free for everyone who visits this Samagam.

Ashrams where this gathering is held, Satlok Ashram Bhiwani (Haryana), SA Rohtak (Haryana). SA Mundka (Delhi), SA Betul (Madhya Pradesh), SA Dhanusha (Nepal), SA Dhauri (Punjab), SA Khamanon (Punjab). SA Shamli (U.P), SA Kurukshetra (Haryana), SA Indore (M.P), SA Sojat (Rajasthan) and SA Dhanana Sonipath (Haryana)

Image Source – Sant Rampal Ji Website

This gathering is such huge but you won’t believe no police force has required the devotees of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj to come together as Sevadar they give their work for free of cost called seva until the Samagam is complete they provide their service.

In Each Ashram, more than 5 lack people gather, and all around the world in all ashrams, millions of people gather for oneness One thing. To get into the right place is Satlok will be achieved by worshiping the Supreme God (Kabir) as per the right teaching of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Why lots of people are taking Naam Diksha from Sant Rampal Ji

The teaching style of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is very different from others. He does not teach what he thinks he teaches according to the holy book of all religions. He shows on television all the holy books referenced in his Satsang.

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj is known for his interpretation of spiritual scriptures and teachings, emphasizing devotion to the true Almighty(Supreme God – Kabir Dev).

Image Credit – Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Official Website

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Some fundamental principles associated with Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj include:

Oneness of God: Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj teaches the oneness of God, emphasizing monotheism. He encourages followers to understand and worship the Supreme Being as described in spiritual texts.

Importance of Devotion: Devotion to God is a central theme in Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj’s teachings. This involves sincere and selfless worship, meditation, and adherence to ethical and righteous conduct in daily life.

Spiritual Knowledge from Scriptures: Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj often focuses on providing interpretations of religious scriptures, including the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Quran, and others. He encourages followers to understand these texts to gain spiritual knowledge.

Rejection of Idol Worship: One distinctive feature of Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj’s teachings is the rejection of idol worship. He advocates for worshiping the formless and infinite God rather than deities represented by idols.

Social Harmony and Equality: The teachings often emphasize social harmony, peace, and equality. Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj encourages followers to treat all individuals with respect and compassion, irrespective of caste, creed, or social status.

Renunciation of Superstitions: Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj promotes rational thinking and discourages superstitions. He encourages followers to question and seek understanding based on spiritual knowledge.

So these were the fundamental principles of Sant Rampal ji Maharaj that attract the people more or people find it more trustworthy things.

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