Patan Durbar Square – Travel destination in Nepal

Patan Durbar Square – Travel destination in Nepal

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In the list of your best travel destinations in Nepal, Patan Durbar Square must be on the list. That is a Center of Fine Art, Buddhist, and Hindu Culture.

Patan is a great city to visit in Nepal if you are into Nepal culture and historical heritage. Also known as Manigal and Lalitpur (The City of Beauty), Patan was founded by Kyrat Dynasty in the 3rd Century B.C. It was shaped into the four-cornered Buddha’s Wheel of Righteousness.

Patan Durbar Square in Nepal visiters from all over the world
Patan Durbar Square in Nepal

If you are an Indian then Nepal is the country where you don’t need Visa and passport. You can travels with your election voter Id card also.

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Although Patan has experienced tremendous political and social upheavals in the history of Nepal. It does not stop the city to continue thriving through art, handicraft, and culture. Today, Patan may not boast much modernity as the capital city Kathmandu. But it has hundreds of art and handicraft workshops, festivals, ancient arts, and statues.

If you are a traveler historical place lover or a youtube, blogger then you can document this beautiful place in your video. As the best travel destination in Nepal, Patan Durbar Square.

Patan Durban Square temple in Nepal
Patan Durban Square ( Best tourist place in Nepal)

Interesting landmarks in Patan include Patan Durban Square that used to be the residence of Malla rulers, the Golden Temple, viahara complex Ratnakar Mahavihar and Mahabouddha Temple that really shows deep religious and cultural roots the city. Patan is also a great place to shop for traditional handicrafts, jewelry, paintings, ancient fine arts, statues and many more. Especially since these things are the main Economy sources for residents of Patan.

Tribhuvan International Airport has located about 7 km from Patan and tourists can use an airport taxi or bus to reach Patan. However, once you reach Patan, the best way to explore the city should be on foot so you will not miss interesting spots. However, you can also use the local bus as transportation means inside the city. Nepal generally experiences five seasons (monsoon, autumn, winter, spring, and summer). It is best to visit Patan during spring and summer.

Nepal hospitality is the best and less costly than in other countries. Traveling in the night walking on the street is safe in Nepal for girls too. Foods in Nepal are awesome you can try either you are vegetarian or no vegetarian. Nepal tourism plays every important role in the countries economy. People from Nepal are very helpful in every place you visit, they do speak Hindi if you are Indian best for you.

Things import in Nepal from other countries are costly like Car, Bike Electronics item.

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