Travel and tourism management Courses and Career

Travel and tourism management Courses and Career

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If you are fond of traveling and want to see the heritage. Culture and beautiful places in the country and abroad. Then travel and tourism management can prove to be a better option for you. There are many Indian institutes where courses offered on tourism and travel management. Along with this, you can get a chance to make a career either in travel jobs or travel business.

Opportunities in Travel and Tourism industries

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Airlines: This area is a special part of the travel and tourism industry. If you have done a course in hotel management in addition to tourism. Then you can easily take entry into these industries and pursue your career.

Travel Agencies: Travel agents work to provide good service to their customers among many options. This is a great job for those who deal better with the customer.

Hotel Sector: Hotels have a special relationship with the development of the travel and tourism industry. This is the reason that along with the development of this industry, the hotel industry is also constantly evolving. This has greatly increased employment opportunities. After taking a course in hotel management, the possibilities of jobs open here.

Tour operators: Tour operators are responsible for conducting and managing tours in tourist destinations. After doing the course of the tourist guides, the job of tour operators can be easily found.

Government Jobs: There are many jobs available like Sales and Marketing. Staff, Booking and Counter Staff, Trip Planners, Tour Guidance. When the Government promotes tourism. These are the jobs offered by the government tourism department. Officers’ grade jobs can be obtained by passing the Union Public Service Commission or SSC (Staff Selection Commission) exam.

Part-time travel job

People who have traveled well in many places and have good knowledge of destinations and excellent communication skills can earn good money by working part-time in this field.

Courses in travel and tourism management:

  • Certificate Course on Airlines Ticketing and Tour Planning
  • Master in tourism
  • Diploma in Tourism Management
  • PG Diploma in Travel Management
  • Graduate Integrated Course in Tourism
  • Bachelor in Tourism Administration
  • Diploma in Tourism and Destination

Course fees

Mostly, the fees for diploma, degree and postgraduate courses. Excluding certificate courses are ranging from 10 to 25 thousand rupees per semester. If really interest must confirm from college you are interested in and compare from other colleges with the facility colleges are providing to their students, the fee may be high and less depending on it.   

Courses Duration – It depends on what are you interested in like a diploma, degree, post-graduation, a certification, it will be one year, two years and 3 years.

These skills are important

With English-Hindi you have a grip on foreign languages, then you can make a good catch in this field. Connection with the culture and customs of the country and the world.

Major Institutions for Travel and Tourism Management

  • Delhi University, Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Tourism & Travel Management, from New Delhi
  • Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management, from Mumbai
  • Academy of Business Management, Tourism and Research, Bangalore
  • Garden City College, Bangalore
  • Bundelkhand University, Jhansi
  • Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
  • Lucknow University, UP

Apart from these many more universities and colleges, you can find depends on your requirement. Travel and tourism management industries are growing and a lot of exposure and opportunities are there along with the same level of challenges that may come. Therefore it should be completely your choice at last because this would be your career.

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