Places to visit in Mainpat Chhattisgarh

Places to visit in Mainpat Chhattisgarh

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There are many best places to visit in Mainpath Chhattisgarh. And many things you should like Top things to do in Mainpat, Places to visit in Mainpat near Mainpat, Best time to visit Mainpat etc. So here we are going to list in this post for you. But before that here is the quick introduction of Mainpat Chhattisgarh.

About Mainpat

Mainpat or regionally called ‘Mini Tibet’ it is a hill station settled in Sarguja District of Chhattisgarh State. Mainpat is the coolest place in the State and conjointly called Shimla of Chhattisgarh. Earlier Mainpat was nothing over a jungle wherever solely a number of native Indians dared to live. It absolutely was an attractive landscape in a very isolated place.

The Tibetan folks engineered huts that bit by bit developed to raised homes wherever they live these days. The condition of the roads remained in unhealthy form. It’s recently been restored and is in nice condition a minimum of for currently.

Places to visit in Mainpat

Tiger Point Mainpat (Waterfall)

tiger poit

Here in Tiger point Mainpat there is the beautiful and high Water falls. The spot is named as Tiger point of Mainpat because many times by the people Tiger has been spot here.

People who visit here take the natural saver and best view of waterfall. To see the best view you need to go down by stairs carefully.

Monestry – Religious place of Buddhist People

Mainpat Monestry Chhattisgarh
Image Source Unsplash

Mainpat is like home for Tibetans who have taken refuge in India and currently lead their life and follow their culture during this region. Mainpat is choked with Buddhists and one among the foremost celebrated monasteries there’s the Dhakpo Shedupling Monestry.

It’s a Gelung religious residence and is kind of completely different in form, structure and grandness from other monasteries in other elements of the country. This is often the sole Buddhist religious residence in Chhattisgarh and so it’s a pretty one. Once you visit, you’ll notice that it’s completely different from other monasteries. Once you visit, you’ll be able to hear the monks vocalizing their prayers in a very low voice and sometimes you’ll be able to hear the Tibetan bell, giving guests a surreal setting.

Bouncing Land unbelievable

Looking for one thing a lot of fun in Mainpat? Visit the Bouncing land during this hill station, conjointly called Jaljali in local language. The most attraction here is virtually the land that bounces at this spot. The earth is specified if you get on it, it acts sort of a exerciser at the side of giving out vibrations.

The vibrations that square measure created could be a phenomenon and could be a marvel of nature. Once one jumps, the whole space shakes, creating it quite fun. This is often a good place to go to, particularly if you’ve got children, they’re sure to relish this attraction.

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Jatayu Earth Center Best Statue of India

Parpatiya & Mehata Point

Places to visit in Mainpat Chhattisgarh
Mainpat, Image Source – TheTravelGlobal

Parpatiya could be a village close to Mainpat and is found at a distance of thirty kilometre from there. This place is most known for its sunset point; the read of the sun setting from here is totally exciting and should be seen after you visit Mainpat.

It’s same by travelers that once the sun is on the point of set, the adjacent hills seem to appear like cubes, giving an absolute scenic view. After you come near to the current point. You’ll be able to views of green forests, Mainpat is also known for its greenery. Undulating hills and a spread of plants and flowers furthermore.

Thin – Thini Patthar

It is a rock (Patthar) of approx two hundred Quintal, of cylindrical in shape resting on ground rocks. When you stricken it with a solid material, a metallic sound echoes. It produces different sound form different points of the stone.


Mainpat contains a ton of natural resources, one amongst them is Tatapani, a naturally hot water spring. This attraction is distanced at twelve kilometre from the middle of Mainpat and it’s quite history. Mythology says that in the time of Ramayan, Shri Ram throughout game play accidentally spilt hot oil from a bowl straight the bottom.

It’s same that once these oil droplets fell to the bottom, they created a hole thus deep that predicament began to course out of these holes. individuals living in Mainpat think about Tatapani to be sacred and believe that individuals taking a shower during this reservoir will get eliminate their diseases and sins. You’ll be able to see a great deal of tourists during this place throughout the pageant of Makar Sankranti

Jogimara Caves

If you’ve got keen interest in archaeology, Jogimara Caves could be a must visit place for you. The places is few kilometer from Mainpat. The caves date from to 300 B.C with varied proofs that man has been living in these caves from the traditional times.

After you enter the cave, you’ll be able to see painting of humans, animals, flowers and birds that have a red define. The Jogimara caves is the oldest attractions, this is must visit place when you are coming to Mainpat. The cave is encircled by forest space and you need to trek a touch bit before you’ll be able to get there.

Ulta Pani and Magnetic Hill

In local Language it is named as Ulta Pani which means reverse water. The flow water goes to down to upward. Which is unbelievable until you see by yourself.

Places to visit in Mainpat, 
Ulta Pani - Birsapani
Source – TheTravelGlobal

Magnetic Hill – Magnetic hill is the same place to Ulta Pani. Here there is a slope where vehicle move ahead from down to top without starting your vehicle.

When is the best time to visit Mainpat?

Well you can visit to Mainpat all over 12 month but best would be the December to February Month.

  • Hottest months: May, April, June, March (Trekking and adventures activity )

  • Coldest months: December, January, November, February (Enjoy the coolest temperature and nature breath taking view)

  • Rainiest months: August, July, September, and June (Best time to view waterfall)

How to reach Mainpat Chhattisgarh

To reach Mainpat there is only two ways road ways and railway. If you prefer to travel by train then your destination station will be Ambikapur. Then you need to book cab or if you have you own transport then will be best option. Because Mainpat is about 45-50 kilometer form Ambikapur railway station. And different spots to visits are far about 10-15kilometer around.

Mainpat in Google Map Distance form Ambkapur
Mainpat map – Source Google Map

Stay in Mainpat

There are many options in Mainpat for stay like, hotels and resort also tent-house you can select as per your convenient.

So there are many more things to tell about places to visit in Mainpat like Tibetan Life Culture, History, and also Mainpat is the origin of Mand river that later connect with river Mahanadi.

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