Jatayu Earth Center Best Statue of India

Jatayu Earth Center Best Statue of India

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Jatayu Earth Centre best statue of India is located in Chadayamangalam, Kerala the Southern part of India. Which is the largest bird statue in the World, It is a nature and adventure park.

Jatayu Bird Biggest Statue in the World India
Jatayu bird Statue Kerala India

It is still under construction but also open for visitors. So, tourist travelers are continuously visiting the place, therefore the Jatayu Earth Centre is earning while working in progress. Jatayu was the bird in Ramayan Kaal and this has played a crucial role in Ramayan This Jatayu Earth Centre and adventure park is PPP tourism initiated in the state of Kerala. From the beginning to now the place is the best tourist destination in Kerala India.

How to reach and nearest location

Designed by – Rajiv Anchal, nearest city – Kollam, nearest railway station – Kottarakkara, Nearest airport – Trivandrum, connecting highway – SH 1, Budget – 100 Cr., Open all the year

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Activities at Jatayu Earth Centre

You can enjoy the top view of hills through Cable Car imported from Switzerland.

The helicopter ride will be a great view of the Jatayu Earth Centre.

Apart from this, there are many adventure activities plus trekking, Paintball, rock climbing and many more.

Cable Car at Jatayu Earth Centre

At Jatayu Earth Centre many projects are in work progress. To attract more tourists every year by Jatayu Earth Centre best statue of India in the Kerala tourism department is helping in all the ways and can say it is the best statue of India. Also, Indian people get attract by the Jatayu Earth Centre because it contains the image of the Ramayan. Therefore it will be the attraction of Hindu people, Jatayu rock is also a symbol of women’s empowers. Jatayu the divine bird who was the eye-witnessed of mother Sita kidnapped by Ravan king of Lanka. While searching in jungle lord Rama reaches Jatayu and he explained to him.

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