Unique Places to Visit in Dubai for Free

Unique Places to Visit in Dubai for Free

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Dubai is known for its luxurious lifestyle and culture and owing to this, most people think that it is an expensive city but with the right information, tourists can enjoy a great vacation in Dubai at an extremely reasonable rate. Unique Places to visit in Dubai for free will be discussed in this article, places that only the locals are familiar with. 

Most of these places are those that do not attract much tourism, so travel agents too might not be able to guide tourists towards them. The two categories of things tourists can do on their Dubai tourist visa for free are visual entertainment and water entertainment.

Free Things to do in Dubai

The Burj Khalifa 

When tourists see the Burj Khalifa, they should get ready to see the tower that broke all previous records, as well as the records for the elevator and viewing deck. There is a spectacular LED light show displayed on the Burj Khalifa followed by the awe-gazing fountain show that starts every evening at 6 pm. Tourists can enjoy all this at no cost at all. 

Unique Places to Visit in Dubai for Free
Burj Khalifa – Source Unsplash

Festive City Mall

The Imagine show that takes place at festival city mall is one of the most beautiful LED and water light shows. That show the beauty of art and technology in synchrony. They display two shows, one that starts at 8 pm and the other at 10 pm. If tourists get the opportunity to see this enchanting display of art do not miss it as it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Also, read this -: Top 10 Countries for Indians to travel on a budget

Now coming down to the beaches of Dubai, a fun and affordable experience that has a lot to offer like serene parks and white sand beaches. There are numerous stunning beaches in Dubai, from the basic (sea sand and sun) to the opulent (miles of coastline). While most beaches are public and free, only some are privately owned.

Jumeirah Beach

Because of the splendour of the Persian Gulf. Tourists from all over the world flock to Dubai’s sunny beaches, especially Jumeirah Beach, which is known for its snow-white sand. One’s feet can immediately sink into the sand thanks to the soft, small granules. Along with the gorgeous beach, you can also see the stunning Burj Al Arab from here. Due to the ideal swimming conditions in November, Jumeirah Beach is one of the greatest beaches in Dubai.

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach, also known as Umm Suqeim Beach, is another fantastic beach worth mentioning. Even though it is one of Dubai’s busiest beaches, it is still a destination worth visiting. The Burj Al Arab can be seen clearly from the beach, which is renowned for its amazing and magical surroundings. The beach is close to many locations and has a short beachfront, but it is still very accessible. Sunset Beach is also constantly under lifeguard control, so tourists can swim there anytime. 

Marina Beach

The Marina Beach at JBR is located along the Walk. When discussing Dubai’s most picturesque beaches, Marina Beach is frequently mentioned. In the summer, tourists can come here and relax while having fun. Additionally, it has a jogging track. Where people may walk or jog, and people can rent boats if they want to take a trip. For those who prefer cycling to jogging, there is also a cycling track. Numerous thrilling and fun activities are found in the adjacent section at JBR. Along with cafes and restaurants where you can grab some good grub. 

Souks & Abra Ride 

Across from Meena Bazar is Al Fahidi Souk where tourists can enjoy some excellent shopping experiences and not so far from the Souk. One can catch an exciting Abra ride. This ride comes just for a Dirham, so it is almost free and you can get to the Bur Dubai Souk. The abra ride is basically a ferry that takes people from one side to the other of the creek. The Bur Dubai Souk is pretty lively and you can find everything here. Ranging from fabric, clothes, a lot of home decor and for a given, a variety of spices. This is well worth a visit even if tourists do not wish to purchase anything. After all, window shopping is free and is still one of the best.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Also known as the Dubai Bird Sanctuary, Ras Al Khor wildlife sanctuary is another beautiful place tourists can visit for free. They even have a viewing deck from where tourists can admire the many flamingos there, making it one of the best free things to do in Dubai.

Dubai has become one of the most well-liked tourist destinations since international travel has resumed. Tourists can use the help of specialized visa companies that have expertise in obtaining a Dubai visa because dealing with them can be quite a satisfying and hassle-free experience. So, book your visa, add these Unique Places to Visit in Dubai for Free to visit your itinerary, and enjoy all that Dubai has to offer. 

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