Top 10 places that you are not allowed to visit

Top 10 places that you are not allowed to visit

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Places in the World where you are not allowed to go

Every person desires to see the world and he is always prepared to do anything to fulfill his desire. Who would not want to see every corner of the world but to fulfill your desire, you plan to go to someplace and you know that if you are not allowed to go there, how will you feel?  Wired… Know about the top 10 places that you are not allowed to visit.

1- Island of snakes 

secret places on earth impossible to visit
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Island of Snakes is in Brazil and its name is Ilha de Quaymada Grand. There is such a venomous snake on the island where a man dies in between 10 or 20 minutes if stepped on.  Now you must be thinking that how many snakes will be on this island, ten, fifty, or hundred.

Then know that there are five snakes in every square meter.  Are not you surprised?  This is the reason why humans are not allowed to visit this island otherwise you will be killed by this snake.    

2 – Secret Museum of Vatican 

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Secret Museum of Vatican You will always go to the museum, but there are many museums where you cannot even go.  This museum is about book collections and it is located in Vatican City.    

They have very unique and precious books, and this is why they have been kept secret.  There are also many other important documents in this museum, this is also one of the reasons why people are not allowed to come here so that the document is safe.   

 3 – Queen’s Room 

This room of Queen is in the Kinngam Palace in London, which was built in 1705.  The common people are not allowed to go here.  Only the people of the royal family can go in this.  No one is allowed to keep the common people away from their majestic lifestyle,  even though a person once came here.  If you are thinking about going here then change the intention.  This is not possible in this life.    

4 – Room No. 39 North Korea 

 forbidden place
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The North Korean dictator Kim Jong’s room number 39 in the building has a ban on anyone going to this room. Some people Kim Jong know what is in this room and they do not let anyone in this room come.

 It is said that in this room no 39 Kim Jong has collected the treasure of illegal weapons currency of other countries etc.  (Collected)  This room was built by the father or grandfather of this dictator.  This room is in a 3 storey building which is connected to the room of Kim Jong.

5 – Demilitarized Zone 

The next number is the demilitarized zone  This region of Korea is a part of the land in the Korean Peninsula. In 2014 Korea was divided into two parts:  North Korea and South Korea. The buffer zone was established between these two,  which is known as the demilitarized zone.

Both sides are stationed at the end of this part and the middle part is called “No Man Area”  middle part is called “No Man Area”  In the demilitarized zone, no person is allowed to come, so you too will not be able to go here.   

6 – Qin Shu Huang’s Tomb

brown stone wall with human face carved
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Qin Shi Huang was a ruler of China who did tremendous work for the security of his country. At first, he created a powerful army for the protection of his empire, and after that the wall of China. Which is still one of the wonders of the world. 

Then he built an underground city with lakhs of workers and built the tomb. In which it is believed that Huang’s body is still buried. But no one has reached this tomb or excavated because the place is filled with mercury.  That’s why you also forget to go to this place. So this is one of the Top 10 places that you are not allowed to visit.

7 – Pine Gap Australia

Australia’s Earth Station is called Pine Gap. Because it is a joint miniature base of both the US and Australia. It is a very sensitive place where it is impossible for the common man to go.  It would be good if you leave the intention to go to this place even if you leave it.    

8 – Svalbard Seed Vault 

The next number in our index is a safe located on the Spitsbergen Island of Norway. Which has not been kept for money but the seeds have been kept.  There are 8,40,000 seeds in this which are about 4000 different trees and plants. 

The purpose of this safe is to ensure that any tree or plant species does not disappear.  None of the people could have harmed this treasure so that only people can come here who work here.    

9 – Chernobil 

There was a terrible accident in Chernobil Nuclear Power Plant of Ukraine in 1986. Where radioactive particles were scattered everywhere and this was spread to the area of ​​1 million square km. Going to this place is still very risky especially for people coming from other countries. 

Going here can be harmful to your health.  So would you still want to go here

10 – Prohibited – Area 51 

The next one is a place where any common man is barred and that is the military base of the western United States of Nevada. The American army says that there they examine the planes at this place and other activities related to the army.

But the people are believed to be here that the US Army has kept such UFOs. Who were victims of the accident so that they can be used/studied on the dead alien found on that UFO. Some people even here believe that at this place scientists are also trying to establish contact with aliens and to read their minds.  It is also believed that here living and dead aliens are present here.  No other person is aware of this fact, hence the common man is kept away from this. So these were the top 10 places that you are not allowed to visit.

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