How Cheap is to travel to India?

How Cheap is to travel to India?

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How cheap is India to travel? Is India expensive? How much does it cost to travel in India?

India is one of my favorite countries and one of the reasons is because it’s so cheap and it allows you to stretch your dollar in so many directions. You won’t know what to do with it so in this article. I’m going to tell you a little bit about my experience in India for two months and how cheap is to travel to India. It was for me and I’m going to give you some real-life examples from when I was there the food is one of the best parts of India and it’s also very very cheap.

So I did this little challenge when I was in Udaipur welcome to India where I’m starting my twenty-dollar travels so I tried to spend $20 for the day and it was actually ambitious to try to spend that in a day walking around the city I took through the streets where one plate of food and the street cost me 50 cents or less I had about ten dishes before I couldn’t fit anything else in my stomach and then there’s chai which is a staple of Indian cuisine chai is tea and the way they make it kind of seems more of a mix of tea and coffee.

Cheap Indian food
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So if you’re a coffee drinker and you’re going to India you might just kind of switch over from coffee for a little while to do the chai thing while you’re there typically chai will cost 10 rupees or around once 14 or 15 cents so the food is so cheap if you get street food you’re going to be spending less than a dollar and those are everywhere regular taxis you have uber.

Which is also very seems steep but even if you don’t do that it’s still going to be cheap usually the price gives you at the beginning it’s probably going to be cheap for you if you’re coming from a western country it’s just that locals will probably pay five times less but you can always make their day and pay them the tourist price if you have the money make their day I’m sure it really helps them out.

How Cheap is to travel to India – Transport

So typically if you get a rickshaw ride across the city something that takes 20-30 minutes you’re going to be paying maybe a dollar or two and then when you want to go from city to city and travel all across India you can use sleeper buses I actually really like these sleeper buses and there are different classes but typically these rides when you’re going from city to city they’re going to take from eight hours to 15 hours because India is a huge country and even with that look at some of these prices. Now you will be getting the idea that how cheap is to travel to India.

First three hundred and eighty rupees that’s about five dollars all right so that’s going from one city to another whoo diaper to jodhpur 300 rupees so that’s about four dollars and 20 cents jodhpur – Jaisalmer next 945 this one was a little more expensive which comes out to around $13 this was a 12 hour overnight sleeper bus and I was in one of the nicer ones you even have a few choices usually when you’re booking these buses you have between 10 and 20 of these buses you can make different times a day different buses you can look at pictures and all that so this was one of the more expensive ones.

Cheap Transport

Where I wanted a nicer one so that’s why it’s $13 all right so I would take these uber rides and because of traffic in India and how far things are apart some time sit would take an hour to get somewhere and look at my receipts all right so a hundred rupees that’s about dollar forty that probably was an hour-long drive a hundred and twenty-one rupees.

So rickshaws are very cheap but you’re going to get the tourist prices when you’re doing that but if you get uber you’re going to get the local prices so rickshaws are a lot of and you’ll have to do that a few times so you can get that experience but once you’ve done that a few times tried taking uber a little bit you’ll get more comfortable you’ll get away from the air quality and the pollution and it’s a very very cheap option and really quick I took one flight on a budget airline.

when I was in India and this is what it looked like 4456 Rupees. So accommodation in India is always a fun experience. You never really know what to expect. But one thing you can’t expect is that it can be very cheap so you have the hostel dorm rooms. That can start as low as $1 my average was around four dollars a night. But I wasn’t picking the very cheapest option so then there’s fun and fun includes events concert tours.

How much Does it cost traveling to India

So in India many things are very cheap but if you start doing tours they will be a little more expensive. But still not that expensive so let me give you a few examples. So this was my camel safari in Jaisalmer this was one of the best parts of my trip and it took the full day and then. I got to sleep in the desert we had dinner in the desert it was a full day of activities. That only costs around 20 dollars and then the Taj Mahal. I know you know what that is and you’re going to go right. So the Taj Mahal for foreigners costs around $15 and then there are so many things going on in India.

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All the time there are festivals and events and so there are there events like the push car camel Fair. I was there for a few days and that was free and I got to see one of the craziest things. I’ve ever seen in my life so overall my average day in India. Would go something like this wake up in my $3 hostel dorm room get breakfast for free included with my door. Take a rickshaw somewhere interesting for around $2 get some street food for less than $1. And have dinner and a lassee for $3 an uber back home for around $1so that makes my average day in India.

Cost somewhere between nine and twelve dollars that’s an average day so let me give you a second scenario I did have days where it was more like this wake up in a one-dollar hostel get free ┬ábreakfast walk to my destination of the day get street food for 10 cents get another street food dish for 10 cents get another street food dish for about20 cents walk back to my hostel and go to bed so that makes some of my days in India only cost about $2 so before you get too excited let me give you the third scenario and another way that I would travel occasionally maybe once a week or once every two weeks.

So if I wanted to pamper myself I’ve wake up in a private room for about 12 13 dollars. Then I would get breakfast for around 4 dollars go on a tour or camel safari for $20 tip the guide around five dollars and then get back home. For $0 so in this scenario and makes my trip around $40 for the day. So as you can see you have a complete spectrum there where you can have your days. Where you’re only spending one or two dollars the whole day and then typically maybe around ten dollars a day in India. And then you’ll up the days where you want to do more stuff and maybe. It could be 30 40 dollars a day but for me, as I said typically $8 to$12 per day in India on a budget. So that’s how cheap is to travel to India.

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