Shimla to Kinnaur Valley Trip in the Year 2021

Shimla to Kinnaur Valley Trip in the Year 2021

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Plan – Shimla to Kinnaur Valley Trip

This year 2020 due to the pandemic we all were locked in our homes and all our travel plans got canceled. But now as 2021 has arrived hopefully, we will be able to overcome this pandemic. So it’s the right time to revive our travel plans again. So If you are ready for Shimla to Kinnaur Valley Trip then keep reading.

We will take you to the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh and you will experience how majestic the Himalayan ranges plus you will also be witness to unmatched cultural experiences. Kinnaur’s most beautiful places we will cover in the article. Also if you are planning to visit Kinnaur in 2021. Then you will get lots of information here.  

You can also plan a trip by bus that will be within budget and good for solo travelers or can choose to book a shared cab. There are many public transport buses daily run by HRTC.

From Shimla to Kinnaur Distance

Shimla to Kinnaur distance is around 225 km and the condition of roads on this route is quite good. So you can cover this distance in 7-8 hours easily.  In the era of modernization, Kinnauri people have still conserved their culture very nicely.

And also next time when you visit Kinnaur Valley, one of the most common sights you will see is of shepherds apart from leading a tough life they still continue with their tough family occupation and they also cross high mountain passes to feed their sheep’s Kinnaur is a high altitude and cold place hence in winters we can see snow and in summers the weather is pleasant. 

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Best Travel Destination in Nepal

Important Things to Carry for Kinnaur Valley

  • Jacket or Sweaters
  • Comfortable Footwear
  • Water Bottle
  • Sunglasses


  • Sight Seeing
  • Road Trip
  • Rural Culture Experience and food taste

Chandigarh is the closest airport

Kinnaur Valley
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Must visit places in Kinnaur

Now we will talk about must-visit places in Kinnaur which you can visit after this pandemic ends. And also as these places are so beautiful and can give us an amazing experience for our next holiday. 


Sangla is one and half hour drive from Rikongpio.   This drive is breathtaking. In this entire journey on one side of the road, you will see huge mountains and deep gorges on the other side.   After covering the journey from cab or bus you finally reach the beautiful town Sangla. 

Apart from breathtaking views, Sangla is also famous for crispy apples and a   variety of dry fruits.   Sangla is a very popular place in Kinnaur. So here you will easily get market and great staying options.   14km from Sangla a small village Raksham is located.  

The elevation of Raksham village from the mean sea is around 3000 meters and the population around 1000.  

Raksham is located on the banks of baspa river. Views of mountains from Raksham are incredible  If you ever travel to Raksham or Sangla then you can stay anywhere because in Raksham also you will get ample stay options.    


Chitkul, Sangla, and Raksham are all part of baspa valley.  Of all the drives I have ever visited in life the drive from Raksham to Chitkul is the best because in this small route you will get a great variety of views.  After traveling from Raksham you can finally reach Chitkul.

Chitkul is the last village of India which is located on the Indo Tibetan border.   In the old times, the Hindustan Tibet road was used for trade and Chitkul was the last village on the Indian side.   Whenever you are planning a trip to Kinnaur Valley and you have 4-5 days then you can divide your time in this way. 

You can invest 2 days for exploring Sangla and Chitkul  1-2 days for Rikongpio and Kalpa region.   Also, you can invest 2 days in Khaab and nako Lake region.   Crystal clear water of baspa river and mesmerizing views of Kinnauri mountains will intrigue you to stay a few more days in Chitkul.

 All the mountain ranges in Kinnaur are very tall and the highest point of entire Himachal is in Kinnaur district.  

Rikongpio And Kalpa

After visiting Chitkul you can visit Rikongpio which is also a district headquarter. After that, you can travel to Kalpa, where you will get great stay options in the deodar jungle,  one of which you can see on the screen  Kalpa is famous for its view and apple orchards.  

In front of Kalpa, you can see Kinnar Kailash.   Some Few kilometers from Kalpa on the Rohgi village road you will see a suicide point.   The name of the suicide point is due to its height which is fatal to the body.

So these were a few must-visit places and important information for Shimla to Kinnaur Valley Trip in Kinnaur Valley and if you still have doubt. Then you can ask us in the comment section we will try to reply to all we hope that you have liked reading it and if you liked it then please share it on social handle thank you.

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