Top 10 Countries for Indians to travel in budget

Top 10 Countries for Indians to travel in budget

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Do you like traveling to different places and want to experience the life-like rich person, or you just plan to travel foreign countries but to seeing the budget you just drop the plan, then here are the best places to visit in the world, top 10 countries to visit for where Indian can feel the rich and experience the luxurious life. The best thing about it a person who is working in any company earning just 20-30k can travel easily by just saving some money every month.

Places in Cambodia


Cambodia is a very beautiful country and is famous for its lively and breathtaking places. The tourist places in Cambodia include the Angkor Wat Temple, Phnom Phen, The cardamom Mountains and also the Kampot river Many people go there every year and most of them are from India. The reason for this is that the price of 1 rupee is approximately 60 Cambodian RIEL. You will be surprised to hear that the 7-day hotel accommodation in Cambodia is only Rs 2000 and the cost of eating is approximately 1000. The flight is also very cheap and your round trip will be only in 15000. From this, you can guess that the 1-week Cambodia trip will be around Rs 17,000.


In the country of Vietnam, the Indian currency rises, because the price of 1 rupee is approximately 333 dongs .

From here you can understand that if you are in Vietnam then you can do whatever you want. Vietnam is a country of aesthetic beauty and you can go to the cruise, starting with boating here. Here you can go to beautiful worlds such as Hanoi, Dalat, Ho China Mien, and spa. Here you will stay for one week and the cost of food will come up to only Rs 5000 and the flight will be only 20000. So you can easily spend a week in Vietnam for only 25000 rupees.


Indonesia is an island and here is the blue sea, open-air and nature’s voice. So every year millions of tourists come here. Indonesia’s special place in Bali where you can also see active volcanoes. You can also watch here the Biggest Buddha temple Borobudur from here. This is a good holiday destination for Indian tourists because 1 Rs Indian currency is 207 Indonesia Rupiah. The cost of living for one week can be up to 3000 and the cost of eating is about 1000 rupees here. From here you can know that for a week in Indonesia you only have to spend only 15000 rupees.



Chile is considered to be the longest country in the world. This country is only about 180 km, but its coastline is about 4000 km. There are all kinds of scenic places in Chile such as Desert (Registhan), Glaciers, Volcanoes and many more. This is a good holiday destination for Indians because the price of 1 rupee is equal to 1.16 peso here. You can charge up to Rs 60000 for flights to Chile, but stay is very cheap and you can easily spend 1 week at 10000 rupees.



Despite not being in the Hungarian ACI countries, the price of Indian currency is high and you can take advantage of eating, wandering in this country, because the civilization here is different from our country. Here, the price of 1 rupee is approximately 4 Hungarian for ints. Hungary’s capital Budapest is considered to be the world’s most romantic city. Here you can see the combination of Roman and Turkish civilization, so the churches and buildings here are very beautiful It is a beautiful country and the cost of 1-week dining and living expenses will be around 7000 rupees. You will get the cheapest flight from India in only 25000 So quickly make plans for Hungary, because you have to spend only 30000 rupees.


Genghis Khan Monument

In Mongolia, the Indian will feel like the Hindu King because this country belongs to the land of kings. The names of Chenghis Khan have been heard by all of us and their idols are everywhere in Mongolia. Also, the history of Mongolia is very important. If you are in Mongolia then you may have a good knowledge of history and civilization. Here is the price of 1 rupee 36 Mongolia Tugrik. You will be able to drink and live only in 5000.
Even the flights will be available to you in 20000 For a total of Mongolia, you only have to spend 25,000 in a week.


Laos - Buffalo

In Laos, you will be proud to be Hindustani, because here you will find Temple and Buddhist monastery. Also, the waterfalls, beautiful views and gardens are very famous. You will not have to believe that 1 rupee is equivalent to 122 Laos kip. So here you can spend lavishly. For a one-week holiday, you only have to spend 30000 on here. Laos The flight is just 16000.


Historical site

Paraguay is a country of Latin America and here too, the price of rupees is high 1 rupee is equivalent to 63 Guarani. The main feature of Paraguay is its Island, Water, and Church But its specialty is Triple Frontier, from one place you can see 3 countries, that is Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. The hotels here are cheap and you can spend only 1 week in only 5000. Flight expense is high because this country is far from so for this you have to give Rs. 70000 India,

South Korea

South Korea is a very famous country, and often people like to go here . Here you can see the Sea Tower, the Island, the Museum and the historical waters. The special thing is that you can also do a lot of shopping. This place is very cheap for Indians and for only 20000 rupees,
you can easily go for 1-week leave. The price of India's currency is 16 South Korean Won.


The history of Uzbekistan is very old and here you will find many mosques. The old mosque here is quite here and its civilization has continued since ancient times. In this country, you will find an old-fashioned architecture
and here is the world’s oldest and largest madrasa, The cost of living in Uzbekistan will be around Rs. 4500 and the flight will be available in only 15000 and why not the price of one rupee here is 116 (Som) is here
So these were our top 10 countries where you can live like kings. If you like to hang out, then first of all select these countries.

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