How to apply for Visa

How to apply for Visa

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How to apply for a visa traveling to foreign countries whether for business purposes or tourist Visa. Each country has a different set of requirements for Visa here we are mentioning the process to apply for Visa. But most of the requirements will be the same for all the countries. So if you are planning to travel abroad the first things you must know how to apply for a Visa.

What is Visa?

Visa is a document that allows a person to stay in a foreign country for a limited period of time. It is taken from the Latin phrase Carta visa, which means the document has been seen. Essentially refers to the fact that when one enters foreign territory. There must be some proof of the legitimacy of passage or entry which usually comes in document form not all countries require visas from foreigners wishing to enter their country.

Category of Visas

1.Tourist Visa, 2. Business Visa , 3.Student Visa, 4. Medical Visa
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Applying for a visa application basic requirements are:

  • Know the requirements different countries need different supporting documents. For a Visa application usually, they will need your
    • Passport
    • Return tickets
    • Proof of citizenship in your native country
    • Receipt for the payment of the visa fee

Know the cost a visa application always comes with a Visa fee the rule is the long period of time you plan to stay in that country the higher will be the cost of a visa.

Visit the embassy when you have all your documents inline schedule an interview with the embassy of the country you need a visa.

Applications need to be applied ahead of the date of the target trip, because of the bulk of visa applicants to pass the interview for embassies that require personal appearances.

Again questions will differ from country to country but usual questions are. About yourself your job your family in other personal circumstances as well as, why you want to visit their country. You must remember that visas are temporary and it is basically a form of regulation. Those who intend to stay permanently which will then require citizenship application. So it is best to assure the embassy, period of your stay provide proof of your return to your country and other supporting.

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