Travel to Vietnam – with family

Travel to Vietnam – with family

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Vietnam – As the most popular destinations in Southeast Asia with travelers, not only a staggering abundance of flavourful food, untouched nature, fascinating culture, but also friendly people. So it can be difficult for you to plan a cohesive, travel to Vietnam Family Tour. Which suits everyone in your group while traveling in a large group of people with varying interests, ages, tastes.

Plan activities

There are many places in Vietnam for the whole family can enjoy doing activities with children. While relaxing such as northern Vietnam Halong Bay – one of a great spot for a family adventure in Vietnam. A Halong Bay tour will bring your children plenty of opportunities to kayak in the bay, learn more about the life of fishing villages, swim, lay on the beach to cooking class.

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Hanoi is a great choice for families with kids, it’s packed with history, delicious local foods, and outdoor activities. Hanoi has known by some as the most beautiful city in South East Asia, so it’s worth it for a visit.

Central of Vietnam – The environment and culture in central Vietnam can be quite diverse from this city to city.

Mui ne is well known for red sand dune, fairy stream, and windsurfing. Hoi An ancient town is considered one of the most favorite places in Southeast Asia to spend a few days with your family. From incredible beaches to old town with lots of fun activities to indulge your kids’ adventurous sides.

Southern Vietnam – The biggest city of Vietnam bustling – chaotic. A visit to Ho Chi Minh city and wish to escape from the chaos. You will be advised to bring your children to Dam Sen water park or Suoi Tien Amusement Park.

Stay Safe

About transportation in Vietnam is available to you to choose from. If you are traveling with your family. I highly recommend taking trains or planes from city to city (long trips) or private shuttle bus (short trips). This is because most roads in the remote stretches are not very developed and it can be treacherous.

Traveling as a family, make sure that you will not wear anything valuable which may be easy to snatch. It’s very dangerous for yourself and your children, leave it off them, so they don’t become a target of theft.

Be organized and travel with a plan

Traveling to Southeast Asia with kids. It’s very important to travel with a detailed plan that would need more time to relax, non scheduled pace..etc

Hotels: Pre-book your hotels to avoid disappointment during the busy season from October to April

Pre-arranged transport – you will be advised to arrange private transport during your trip in Vietnam. You can book through travel agents that it will be safe.

Stay healthy

Short vacations can be easily ruined, if children get sick and of course, changing plans is often taking some difficulties for your family. So always keep your kids healthy and happy during your visit to Vietnam.

Food safety – Enjoy new foods is one of an interesting experience during your visit. However, children can be more susceptible to food which may cause illnesses. So be careful in choosing local foods for children.

Bring protection

Much attention for families what to bring in your Vietnam travel such as Insect repellent, Hats, and Long sleeves, Medicines.

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