Paris Travel Tips And Travel Cost

Paris Travel Tips And Travel Cost

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Thinking of Paris Trip?

Here is the Paris Travel Tips and expenses or budget to travel in Paris. Paris is set in Northern France on the banks of the watercourse Seine. With a population of over twelve million folks. The French capital is in the center of the Ile-de-France region. Paris earned her name, the town of sunshine, during the Age of Enlightenment.

When several visionary ideas were born. It is a light that has remained bright, and that currently attracts forty-two million travellers a year.

Making Paris the foremost visited town altogether the world. Paris may be a town simply explored by railway, taxi, and bicycle.

Eiffel Tower Image Source Unsplash

Schengen Visa – All European Country

  • Visa will talk on number one Many people will have this question Can we go to Paris on any Country by Schengen visa, then the answer is Yes.
  • If you have a visa for any Schengen country you can visit Paris on this Visa Nobody will stop you From India.
  • You can apply for a visa at the office of VFS Visa Cost is 85 Euro Indian Rupees which is approx. Rs.7000/-

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Accommodation And Food

  • The next Topic is Accommodation If you Stay In Hotel Then you will pay 50 to 60 Euro Per Night.
  • If you stay in Hostel You Will Pay 30 to 35 Euro Per Night Paris is a very Expensive City Accommodation is a very expensive food cost per meal…. per meal 5 to 10 Euro for one person.

Flight Ticket Cost to Paris

Flight Cost Round Trip India to Paris Approximate 500 to 550 Euro Rs. 47684.39. Up Down Tickets Price You can guess that…… You Can Visit Paris for One Week You Spend 1 Lacks.

Paris Travel Tips in Metro

Paris metro train is mostly rushed You will find it very difficult to stand in Paris Metro Whenever you travel in the metro of Paris Carry a minimum of luggage with you. Because in the metro you will not find a place to store stuff otherwise you lost the luggage in metro or theft.

Please be careful in Paris guys If you ever travel to the metro or bus in Paris then you very careful. So these are the Paris Travel Tips you should keep in mind.

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