Travel visa free to these Countries

Travel visa free to these Countries

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Here is the list of beautiful countries where No Visa for Indians it means you can travel to these countries visa-free with your passport only. Such good things for Indian people wanted to go on vacation with their family, friend, or someone special for you.

Here in this article, we are just giving you the list of countries where a visa is exempted or arrival in the visa facility is there. So whenever you plan to travel these below-listed countries you would not be required Visa. As of now, these listed countries are visas exempted for Indians, maybe in the future, this list would be required to update and if any travel policy changes of these countries. We will be sharing the update with our future post

List of Visa free Country for Indians

1- Nepal

Nepalese flag banner on the hill sight
Nepalese flag banner on the hill sight

2- Bhutan
3- Maldives
4- Qatar
5- Macau
6- Palestine
7- Mauritius

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8- Indonesia
9- Serbia
10- Tunisia
11- Svalbard
12- Micronesia
13- Senegal
14- Vanuatu
15- Fiji
16- Niue
17- Montserrat
18- Saint Kitts and Nevis
19- Dominica

20- British Virgin Islands
21- Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
22- Cook Islands
23- Grenada
24- Turks and Caicos Islands
25- Trinidad and Tobago
26- Haiti
27- Jamaica
28- El Salvador
29- Ecuador

So if you are planning for holidays to any of the above-listed countries then don’t worry about its visa it is exempted for Indian traveler can be travel with Indian Passport only.

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