10 Best Night Markets in Bangkok

10 Best Night Markets in Bangkok

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Bangkok is one of the wonderful places that have a wonderful and vibrant nightlife and the Bangkok tour is the perfect choice for one to enjoy the place to its fullest. The place lights up during the night and makes the whole vibe dreamy. There are several night markets in Bangkok that are worth visiting.

10 Best Night Markets in Bangkok

  1. Chatuchak Friday Market
  2. Hua Mum Market
  3. Khlong Thom
  4. Chang Chui
  5. Suan Lum Night Bazaar
  6. Train Night Market
  7. Owl Night Market
  8. Mali Market
  9. Indy Night Market
  10. Rod Fai Night Market

Chatuchak Friday Market

Chatuchak is a popular weekend market in Bangkok and one should not miss visiting it while in Bangkok. A Bangkok package is the perfect way for one to experience it to the fullest. This is one of the largest markets in Bangkok with about 27 sections and more than 8000 stalls with a wide range of products available for the consumers. From Thai handicrafts, clothes, plants, books, and accessories to delicious food stalls, one can find something that interests them. The market is open every Friday from 6 in the evening and opens till midnight. And sometimes, the opening hours extend accordingly.

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10 Best Night Markets in Bangkok
Image Credits: Pexels.com

Hua Mum Market 10 Best Night Markets in Bangkok

Hua Mum Market is one of the wonderful markets in Bangkok that is best visited at night. This is one of the places that you should not miss visiting. The palace has more than 200 shops running and one can find several kinds of stuff including several fashion-related accessories. This market is also a great place to try out authentic Thai food. This place exudes the local vibe so that you can have an unfiltered authentic experience. This is often regarded as the ‘hidden gem’ of Bangkok. Even if you are not looking for shopping, you will enjoy visiting the market. This market is open all day a week from 10 in the morning and opens till midnight.

Khlong Thom

Khlong Thom is one of the night markets in Bangkok that must not be missed. This market is a beautiful Chinatown neighborhood that offers almost everything a person needs. This is one of the most vibrant night markets in Bangkok, with the place crowded during the night. Being one of the oldest street markets in Bangkok, the site contains car spare parts, DVDs, CDs, electronic gadgets, electronic devices, clothing, fashion items, toys, and more. Apart from that, the place also offers food and drinks. The market is also known as the ‘Flashlight Market’ and is open every day a week. One should not miss visiting this market.

Chang Chui

If you want a memorable night’s shopping experience, then Chang Chui is a perfect choice. The Chang Chui Bangkok Plane Night Market is the ultimate destination for shoppers that take on a journey of uniqueness. The place combines the urban, contemporary, and eccentric arts, that are often made from recycled pieces. The market is also home to the giant plane shell, which is the main attraction of this market. In this organized market, one can enjoy drinks from quite a nice selection while listening to live music. One can also shop in the boutiques available here. Chang Chui market gives hip and artistic vibes, which is very different from other night markets in Bangkok. This is the coolest place to shop in Bangkok.

Suan Lum Night Bazaar

The Bazaar Ratchadaphisek or more commonly known as Suan Lum Night Bazaar Ratchadaphisek or simply Suan Lum Night Bazaar is one of the popular places to hang out at the night in Bangkok. The market consists of about 1800 stalls with a variety of things to shop from. One can find all the common night market items here including printed tees, shoes, comic books, vintage sneakers, fashion jewelry, souvenirs, artwork, and more in the indoor and open market area. The place also has entertainment like live music shows, magic shows, and more. There are also restaurants available here. This is one of the night markets in Bangkok that must not be missed.

Bangkok Night Market
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Train Night Market

The Train Night Market in Bangkok is one of the main crowd-puller markets. This is also one of the popular night markets in Bangkok. The market would be a great choice for travelers to visit as the place has the authentic ambiance that one should experience. The market is carnival-themed and in the open air, giving a great and perfect vibe for being a night market. The specialty of this market is the wide range of antique goods and vintage kinds of stuff which is sold at a reasonable place. One can also enjoy wonderfully delicious Thai food in this market.

10 Best Night Markets in Bangkok Image Credits: Stocksnap.com

Owl Night Market

Talad Nok Hook, also known as the Owl Night Market, is another amazing night market in Bangkok. This is a wonderful and buzzing night market in Bangkok, with more to offer that one can not miss. The place offers several items at an affordable price, including clothes, accessories, and more. The owl night market is also best known for its delicious food. One can find several food stalls that one must not miss. The market sells second-hand goods on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The place is open all day a week and the opening timings are from 5 in the evening and the place is open up till midnight.

Mali Market

Mali Market is yet another wonderful night market in Bangkok. This is an energetic night market with a lot to offer. This place is suitable for people of all ages. The place is also a host to several street side stalls, making it a wonderful place for shopping. This is also the ultimate night market for shopaholics who can find a range of products that are interesting and worthy. Another important thing about this market is that the food available here is cheap and the best. One should not miss trying out the amazing food sold here. The market is open all day a week, from 5 in the evening till midnight. 

Indy Night Market

The Phuket Indy Night Market is one of the amazing night markets that is small yet worthy. The Indy Night Market is a great attraction for tourists and one must not miss visiting the market. Some of the products sold here include clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, home decorations, and more. The market also specializes in selling handmade products. One can easily separate the products bought here by their uniqueness and authenticity. The market is open only on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, from 4 in the afternoon and open up till 10 at night. This is one of the night markets in Bangkok, that must not be missed.

Image Credits: Pexels.com

Rod Fai Night Market

Srinagarindra Train Night Market, popularly known as the Rod Fai Night Market, is a unique night market in Bangkok that must be visited. The market is an outside night market with a range of options. One can find bags, the latest gadgets, the latest fashion, shoes, colorful merchandise, and more. The place specializes in selling antiquities and vintage collections. The market also has wonderful bars and eateries with delicious foods. The aesthetics and ambiance of this market make it stands out among other night markets in Bangkok. The market is open from Thursday to Sunday, from 4 in the afternoon till midnight.

This is one of the best activities to do while in Bangkok. One can experience the beautiful and glamorous nightlife in the wonderful markets of Bangkok. This is an activity that must not be missed. 10 Best Night Markets in Bangkok

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