Australian Tourist Visa and Requirements for Indian

Australian Tourist Visa and Requirements for Indian

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Australia Travel Visa And Required Document

Today in this article we will discuss Australian tourist visa and requirements. Australia is officially called the Commonwealth of Australia. This consists of different Islands  Of which Tasmania and a lot of other small islands  This is 6th Biggest Country  Its population is 26 million.

And then capital is Canberra largest city is called Sydney and its other big cities in terms of areas consist of Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth then there is Adelaide.    The language spoken here is English, its currency The Australian dollar which is equivalent to Indian Rupee INR. –  55.71

If in terms of tourism and visits There are so many places it’s hard to say If they start counting on figures, I don’t think they will not be able to count them

green trees near body of water

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Places to Visit in Australia

There are lots of popular places that you will love to visit these places if you like Tourism and when you go to Australia, it includes those places in which there is  Sydney, Para House, great barrier reef,   Sydney harbor, Blue Montage National Park,   Great Ocean Road, St Mary’s Cathedral   Melbourne Body Beach, Chinatown, Sydney tower Next is the Queen Victoria Building, Fraser Ireland is the Royal National Park. Wildlife Sydney zoo and many lots more places. Which are related to tourism and which are countless? 

They are so many in numbers means a lot in quantity   Well, I want to tell you about Australia, visit or Tourism in Australia as I told you before  Very beautiful country.  a lot in terms of travel history  Great if you have an  Australian visa then Canada, US  And someone else from Australia if you apply for countries  Australia visa for tourism or a visit would play a very positive role  Is in your travel history.

Let me tell you   which   Documents are required, including your:

  • Passport
  • ID card 
  • If you are married you need a Marriage Certificate
  • Job letters (If you do the job)
  • Salary Slip minimum there should six salary slips
  • There should be a bank of a minimum of six months 
  • If you have One and a half to two million in it that is great  
  • You must have a bank account maintenance letter 
  • Must have property documents
  • Police character Certificate  After  that
  • Travel insurance
  • Hotel booking,
  • Ticket booking if you are a businessman 
  • So you should have a business registration, 
  • NTN tax returns 
  • Must have business documents 
  • Having business tax returns 
  • Should have the bank statement of the business,
  • Personal bank statement

As I have mentioned earlier while discussing the property Documents   

In this case, if you are a student, then your father’s business if he is a businessman then Business Documents.

If he is employed then Employment Documents you must have a letter of consent

They should be able to support you financially.  And you must also have a university or college letter And Fee bill, etc. Just approve that you are a student

These are the documents you need Australia is a beautiful Country. As I mentioned earlier is a Beautiful country and how to get his visa. In your travel history that’s a positive point. If you want to visit other big countries. So that was all I could tell you about the Australian tourist visa and requirements

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