Places Where Sun Never Sets A Tour Attraction

Places Where Sun Never Sets A Tour Attraction

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5 Places where Sun never sets

There are so many amazing and wonderful places to see in the world. But today here we are going to tell you about the places where Sun never sets and rises. Isn’t it amazing these 5 Countries don’t have a sunset?  It is Dilemma if Sun doesn’t rise or set.  But in those 5 countries sunset is not there. 

After Sun rays touch the earth, then all living organism’s day starts.  Then in the evening sunsets at the west leaving us behind the darkness, let us sleep with happy dreams. 

Every living organism’s life is dependent on sunrise & sunset.  As this is done differently in 5 countries of our world every feels it as a wonder.  Sun don’t set for many months & surprising the world. 

There is no night for those country people at that time.  Where are those 5 Countries?  Why the sun doesn’t set there?  Let us learn about them in this article today, which may interest you to travel these places on your next tour.

 1 : Norway – Rich in natural beauty

 This country is famous for its high mountains and deep seas.  It is known for its natural beauty.  Norway is in the Arctic circle and has high latitude.  The temperature there is very different. 

Places where Sun never sets -brown wooden house on lake near green mountains under white clouds and blue sky during daytime
Source – Unsplash

From May to July in south Norway day.  South Norway has 20 hours of Sun Rays & North Norway has 24 hours of sun.  So these countries go famous for their different temperatures. So this country goes famous for its different temperatures.

2 : Finland

Finland is a beautiful city in European countries.  This country is mostly covered with snow all the time.  In the summer season for 70 days, there will be no sunset there. 

aerial photography of street at night covered with snow
Source – Unsplash

It is a wonder there that there is no sunset for 70 days.  So this country is called Land Of Midnight Sun.  Tourists go there to see that natural beauty. 

3 : Sudan

It is 1 of the wonderful Countries in the world.  Sudan has great European constructions & Natural beauty.  Even Sun rays are at night times.  In the Capital city Stockholm Sunsets at midnight at 2 pm.  Then after the sun rises at 4 am. 

pigeons flying on seashore
Source – Unsplash

This wonder exists for 6 months in that country.  This country got famous for midnight sunlight, natural beauty, mountains, and sea.  So many tourists visit this country in the year. So many tourists visit this country in the year. 

4 : Alaska 

Alaska which is North America is famous for its natural beauty.  This place is famous for its Ice Mountains & nature.  In normal seasons it is fully covered with mountains and in summer the sun never sets here. 

glacier mountain under gray sky at daytime
Source – Unsplash

From May to July, even in midnights sunlight will not fade.  Alaska is also 1 of the Mid Night Sun Lands.

 5 : Ice Land 

This is country is famous for beaches, mountains, volcanos, and natural beauties. 

Places where sun never sets completely- aurora borealis
Source – Unsplash

From May 10 to July ending ice land people have no darkness.  There is no difference between night & day on these days there.  We must visit these kinds of places once in our lifetime.  These are 5 countries where the sun don’t set.

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