Things to do in Columbus, Ohio

Things to do in Columbus, Ohio

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Columbus, Ohio, is a thriving and diversified city that provides tourists of all ages and interests with many activities and attractions. Whether history buffs, food lovers, nature lovers, or art connoisseurs, there are plenty of things to do in Columbus, from visiting fascinating museums and historical sites to indulging in delectable cuisine and other fun things to do. Various Airlines provide cheap flights to Columbus, but Delta Airlines is the most popular. They offer budget travel options on destination flights.

1. Discover the Columbus Museum of Art

At the Columbus Museum of Art, you can begin your visit to Columbus by becoming fully immersed in the city’s thriving art culture. The museum exhibits work by nationally-known painters and regional artists from its comprehensive collection that spans many periods and aesthetic trends.

2. Visit the Ohio Statehouse

The Ohio Statehouse is a great place to learn about Ohio’s past. Take a guided tour of this stunning structure, which houses the state government’s offices and is a shining example of Greek Revival construction.

3. Learn about COSI (the Centre of Science and Industry)

Visit COSI to participate in hands-on science activities and interactive exhibitions. With displays on subjects including space, technology, and the human body, this family-friendly attraction provides informative enjoyment for visitors of all ages.

4. Experience the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

Visit the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium for a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with the animal kingdom. Meet various animals, take in enthralling performances, and discover conservation initiatives.

5. German Village

Explore the beautiful German Village neighbourhood on foot to experience a step back in time. This neighbourhood provides an insight into Columbus’ rich history with its brick-lined streets, old homes that have been preserved, and quaint restaurants.

6. Catch a Live Performance at the Iconic Ohio Theatre

The Ohio Theatre is a magnificently restored historical venue recognised for its stunning architecture and for hosting a range of acts, including Broadway plays, concerts, and ballets.

7. Discover the Columbus Park of Roses

Stroll through this tranquil oasis, home to over 11,000 roses and other flowers. Enjoy the stunning surroundings by taking a stroll, packing a picnic, or unwinding.

8. Scioto Mile

Take a lovely stroll along the Scioto Mile, a revitalised section of parkland along the Scioto River, to learn more about it. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the riverfront and the public art displays, fountains, and recreational opportunities.

9. Bike the Olentangy Trail

The Olentangy Trail is a great place to bike or walk while taking in the outdoors. This beautiful trail offers a tranquil respite from the city, stunning views, and recreational options as it follows the Olentangy River.

10. Visit the Topiary Park

The extraordinary Topiary Park features sculpted shrubs and trees replicating the renowned Georges Seurat painting “A Sunday on La Grande Jatte.” Enjoy a stroll in the park while admiring the artistic design of the living sculptures.

11. Experience the Columbus Crew SC

The city’s professional soccer team, the Columbus Crew SC, welcomes soccer fans to a spectacular game. Please participate in the vibrant crowd’s support of the athletes as they compete in Major League Soccer.

12. Learn about the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum

At the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, delve into the world of cartoons and comics. Investigate their vast collection of comics, graphic novels, and cartoons to discover the cultural significance of this creative form.

13. Visit a Columbus Symphony Orchestra performance

Attend a performance with the renowned Columbus Symphony Orchestra to enjoy the beauty of live classical music. Enjoy engrossing concertos, symphonies, and other musical treasures.

14. Thurber House

Visit the Thurber House to learn more about the comic James Thurber’s literary legacy. Thurber’s work and contributions to American literature are honoured at events and exhibitions in this old house transformed into a museum.

15. Enjoy nature at the Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park

The Battelle Darby Creek Metro Park, one of the area’s largest metro parks, is a great place to return to nature. Hike along pathways through the woods to view wildlife and discover the park’s varied ecosystems.

16. Discover the Columbus Metropolitan Library

The Columbus Metropolitan Library is one of the largest library systems in the country. Dive into the world of information there. Visit book-related events, peruse the enormous collection, and utilise the library’s resources and services.

17. Visit the Columbus Commons

The Columbus Commons is a downtown park with open areas, gardens, and a stage where you can unwind on a sunny day. Attend outdoor performances, barbecues, and other social gatherings in this dynamic urban area.

18. Explore the Columbus Public Art Scene

There are many murals, sculptures, and installations all across Columbus, which has a thriving public art culture. Through a self-guided art tour, discover the artistic expressions that adorn the streets and buildings.

19. Discover Local Music and Live Performances

The music industry in Columbus is growing, with several venues showcasing regional bands, national artists, and a range of musical genres. Attend a live performance, check out a jazz club, or take in a show at a smaller venue to learn more about the city’s thriving music scene.

Columbus provides various activities that cater to different interests, from museums and historical sites to green parks and cultural events. Columbus has plenty to offer, whatever your interests. Discover the hidden jewels that make Columbus a wonderful place to visit by immersing yourself in the city’s rich heritage, exploring its dynamic neighbourhoods, and so forth. Don’t forget about the Delta Airlines bookings for your flight to Columbus.

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