How to travel Mauritius in 15 Thousand 15 Days

How to travel Mauritius in 15 Thousand 15 Days

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A lot of people said that Mauritius is a honeymoon destination. But no there are many places to visit with friends with the group or you can travel solo too. So today I am going to tell you How to travel Mauritius in 15 Thousand 15 Days

First, let me give you some additional information on flights and visas.  So nowadays, You can pre-booking flights on Wego.  Wego is an amazing website to find cheap flights. So you can go here and fill your destination and by aggregating.

It gives details of all the flights given on the websites and it picks out the cheapest option for you. This is really amazing If you are booking a flight from Wego, in advance, then you can get a very cheap ticket.

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Apart from that you can change the currencies, see when are public holidays, change the language and it is just so efficient to search for a cheap flight on Wego.  So how efficiently and how well in advance you book a flight and on which date you will book matters a lot to find a cheap flight Along with that you just add 15,000 and this is your budget for Mauritius

Coming to visa

Indians do not need a visa.  We do not need a visa.  Visa has no cost. It’s free.  There you just have to fill a form and a health declaration form also has to be filled together. 


For a stay, I would suggest taking couch surfing. So you don’t need to spend a single penny on accommodation.  Couch surfing is very common in destinations like Mauritius.  If you go anywhere, you will find locals. 

So you go to You create a profile then you will find locals from that particular destination who are willing to host travelers backpackers like us.  You can decide by looking at their ratings if they are trustworthy or not.  Other travelers have reviewed them. Then your host is reviewing you as a traveler.

You get to know a lot about the culture, about the people, about the places, some hidden places and they are super sweet.  Ladies and gentlemen, this is basically a community of travelers who help each other


There are two very common modes of transportation by which you can travel budget-friendly in Mauritius.  One is taking local transportation and the second is hiring a scooter.  There is a place in Mauritius called Cure pipe, from where buses leave for every destination.

 It is basically a center point.  From this website, you can get all the details about the bus, timings, and as you all know that buses are not that costly as well.  If you want to roam around on your own, then you can rent a Scooty.  Take care of one thing before renting. Check by moving the Scooty around a bit.


Food! I am a vegetarian.  You will find a decent vegetarian meal between 500 and 700.  But since we were couch surfing, we had the luxury to cook our own food.  So we bought a lot of food products in bulk from the mall. Had bought food.  So it made our life so much easier and we have saved so much. 

So what you can do is – try local cuisines at the time of dinner or breakfast.  And then you can have cooked meals for the remaining time. 

All the adventurous activities

This is my favorite part.  So you can see dolphin tours, you can select hiking.  So first let’s talk about water activities.  We had a dolphin tour and we had taken a package that included snorkeling.  The package cost was 2600.  You can see dolphins and if you are a good swimmer, then jump inside the water.  As many foreigners tourists always choose to jump inside the water.  It is an experience in itself to see dolphins. 

The second activity is the seven-colored earth.  It is also called Chamarel, where you will see 7 types of land. This is naturally formed.  You only have to pay the entry fees and it’s very amazing.  All the other activities that you can do in Mauritius would be free.

For example, going to Flick and flack beach.  Here you can see a sunset. Then go watching windsurfing and kite surfing.  You should visit a lot waterfalls.  You can choose to do a lot of hikes.  So much freeness, this Mauritius offers. It is crazy

Download offline maps for easier navigations. It will also save your data pack and you will be very easy to travel, especially on hikes.  When you are buying Souvenir in the local market, make sure that you bargain because they obviously charge a little bit more from tourists.  So up your bargaining skills at that time.  Get travel insurance for sure.  It will help you if your flight has been canceled or during the theft. 

When you are booking your package for snorkeling or for a dolphin tour, then ensure to ask from as many places as possible. Compare the cost and then book a package.  When going on a hike ensure that you are taking your lunch with you.  The hike is generally for a day, however, your lunch might get skipped in the process and you will not find any food shops on the way.  Talking about Mauritius in winter clothes.  So this is the way you can manage How to travel Mauritius in 15 Thousand 15 Days.

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