Amazon Business model helps you to grow

Amazon Business model helps you to grow

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Amazon business model is such a business tree where an individual or a business person can join and grow themself and become independent.

Amazon is the largest company by revenue over the Internet in the world and the second-largest employer in the United States. In 2015, Amazon overtook Walmart as the most valuable retailer in the United States. By market capitalization in 2017, Amazon business acquired the Whole Foods Market for $ 13.4 billion. Significantly increasing Amazon’s presence as a brick and mortar retailer. The acquisition was intended as a direct effort to challenge Walmart’s traditional retail stores.

Amazon Business Expand Globally

The company Amazon has a global presence in the countries France, Italy, Spain, United States, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, and India.

Amazon Business Logo on world Map
Amazon Business Logo on world Map (Photo – From Unsplus)

Services and Products of Amazon Business

There was a 35 plus line of business or services of the company. But few of them are closed or discontinued, at present. Maybe later the company will start them. We are here giving the list of some well known and popular services offered by Amazon to the user. Listed services here are for different respective countries started in.

  • 1 – Retail goods
  • 2 – Amazon Prime
  • 3 – Digital content
  • 4 – Amazon Video
  • 5 – Amazon Business
  • 6 – Amazon Music Unlimited
  • 7 – Amazon Tickets – UK (Plant to expand in the US and Asia)
  • 8 – Amazon Books
  • 9 – Amazon Destinations – United States (Discountinued)
  • 10 – Handmade by Amazon

Amazon Go – A physical store that uses the camera and sensors to detect the item that customers grab. It was originally opened for Amazon employees only, which was quite a success. Therefore, amazon panned to open approx 3000 Amazon Go stores in the US.

Amazon affiliate or Amazon associate program

Amazon associate is the program to advertise and sell the product and services to the customer by an individual who joins the amazon associate program. In return, the person gets the commission by Amazon. You can sell amazon products and services through different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and blogs, etc.

Through the amazon associate, program people are making money in lakhs. Amazon is the fastest-grown and growing too E-Commerce business in the World. If you join amazon there are high chances to grow your business faster.

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You can join Amazon as a:-

Uses of Amazon App

  • Online Shopping
  • Prime Video & Music
  • Pay Bills
  • Mobile & TV Recharge
  • Amazon Pay (Wallet)
  • Money send & Receive
  • Order food
  • Book Movie Ticket
  • Book travel ticket – Train, Cab, Bus
  • You can book Hotel rooms
  • Gamings
  • You can use to Pay

Apart from all these a lot of offerings and attractive deals from the amazon business to its customer.

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