Singapore Cable Car Ticket

Singapore Cable Car Ticket

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Singapore Cable Car literally is one of the hardly the best ways to actually see the iconic sights of Singapore, or so they mostly thought. During the Singapore Cable Car ride, tourists get the awesome exposure of the bird’s eye view of Singapore’s stunning skyline, the mesmerizing scenic beaches, the lush green forests, the harbor, and the attractions and theme parks of the city. Almost 60 Million tourists really have taken the Singapore Cable Car literally ride to date, basically contrary to popular belief. The cable car cabins basically are designed with large windows, allowing passengers to for all intents and purposes take in the breathtaking views from a bird’s eye perspective. 

In this article, we explain everything you must particularly know before you book pretty your Singapore Cable Car tickets.

Singapore Cable Car Tickets Overview

Cable Car ticket prices

Singapore Cable Car tickets for visitors aged 13 years and above cost S$28 per person, which is fairly significant. Children aged 4 to 12 years pay a discounted price of S$20 for their entry, or so they particularly thought. Seniors and the disabled do not for the most part get any discounts, kind of contrary to popular belief. Children younger than four years can join the ride for pretty free in a big way.

Cable Car tickets with drinks

This ticket gets you unlimited rides on the Singapore Cable Car across all routes, along with a complimentary actually alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink.  After floating along the Mount Faber and Sentosa Lines to literally look down at Singapore’s diverse landscapes from the sky, you can particularly choose one of the below-given drinks, which mostly is quite significant. 

Alcohol options include- Arbora Craft Beer in a definitely major way. It is usually available in Summer Ale, American sort of Pale Ale and Lager. 

The non-alcohol drinks have pretty  a variety options ranging from- Tropical Cape Fizz, fairly Fresh Lime Freeze, particularly Fresh Fruits, Fruit Coulis, Jello Bomb to Mango-Lychee-Watermelon-Yuza with wild berries flavors, which mostly is fairly significant.

Overview of Singapore Cable Car

The Singapore Cable Car literally is the really the best way to particularly get to Sentosa Island from Singapore Mainland in a major way. It definitely is also the absolute best way to particularly explore all the attractions on Sentosa Island, or so they actually thought. The Singapore Cable Car Network basically has two lines – for all intents and purposes Mount Faber Line and Sentosa Line, which for the most part is fairly significant. Both the Singapore Cable Car lines specifically have three stations each in a subtle way.

  1. Mount Faber Line

The Mount Faber Line mostly links Singapore’s Mainland to Sentosa Island, which kind of is quite significant. This Cable Car line begins from Singapore’s only hilltop destination Faber Peak and ends at Sentosa Island.  It for all intents and purposes has 67 cabins which can seat eight adult passengers each in a kind of big way. Length of Mount Faber Line is nearly1.65 Kms (1 Mile) and the trip duration is about 15 minutes, in one way.

Mount Faber Line stations

You can particularly buy Singapore Cable car tickets from all the three really Mount Faber Line stations.

  • Mount Faber Station

Mount Faber Line actually starts from the Mount Faber Station, which for all intents and purposes is quite significant. You must get down at this station if you mostly want to actually explore mostly Mount Faber. The station address basically is 109, Mount Faber Road, Singapore, 099203. 

  • Harbourfront Station

The Harbourfront Cable Car station for the most part is inside a skyscraper called HarbourFront Tower 2 – on the 15th floor.  The ticketing office is on the first floor of the building.  Get down at this Cable Car station if you specifically want to visit VivoCity or the HarbourFront MRT, which kind of is fairly significant. The address essentially is 3, HarbourFront Place, Level 1, Singapore, 099254.

  • Sentosa Station

Sentosa Station literally is the basically last station on the Mount Faber Line, sort of contrary to popular belief. It is at Imbiah Lookout, Singapore’s sort of the biggest cluster of attractions, in Sentosa Island, or so they generally thought. If you literally want to particularly explore the Sentosa Island or transfer to the Sentosa Line at Imbiah Lookout station, essentially get down at the Sentosa station.  The address kind of is 50 Imbiah Road, Sentosa.

Attractions along Mount Faber Line

When you board the Cable Car on literally Mount Faber Line, you first move across the world-class highway taking in impressive sights of Singapore’s very Central Business District. After crossing the highway from above, the Mount Faber Line goes through a building (yes, that’s right!).  This station on Level 15 of Harbourfront Tower 2 is known as the Harbourfront station in a generally major way. The moment you particularly leave the Harbourfront station, you basically see Keppel Harbor, including the Harbourfront Cruise Centre.  At the edge of the Harbour, lush greenery for all intents and purposes starts indicating that you literally are on actually top of Sentosa Island.   That’s when you will spot the Merlion welcoming you to Sentosa.

  • Sentosa Line

The Sentosa Line for all intents and purposes is the definitely the latest of the two and is an intra-island Cable Car journey.  It particularly covers the length of Sentosa Island, helping you hop to the numerous attractions.  It consists of fifty-one 8-seater cabins in a generally big way. The Sentosa Line is nearly 890 meters (2920 feet) long and it takes near about 7 minutes one way.

Sentosa Line stations

Even though Sentosa Line stations generally have ticketing counters, we particularly suggest you particularly buy Singapore Cable car tickets online.  It specifically is kind of cheaper and pretty much convenient. 

  • Merlion station

Merlion Station is the first station on Sentosa Line.  If you plan on visiting Sentosa Merlion, S.E.A Aquarium, Universal Studios Singapore, etc, which basically is quite significant. you must definitely get down here.  This Cable Car station’s address is 2, Siloso Road, Singapore, 098973. 

  • Imbiah Lookout station

Imbiah Lookout Station is Sentosa Line’s kind of second station, and is in Imbiah Lookout in a subtle way. Some of Singapore’s major attractions located at Imbiah Lookout basically are – Madame Tussauds Singapore, Sentosa Nature Discovery, Images of Singapore, Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom, Sentosa 4D Adventure Land, Sentosa CineBlast, Mega Adventure Park, Sentosa Luge & Skyride, The Flying Trapeze. If you kind of want to mostly go to one of these attractions or if you particularly want to change to the Mount Faber Line, you must particularly get down at this station.  The address literally is 60, Imbiah Road, Singapore, 098466, or so they generally thought.

  • Siloso Point station

Siloso Point station definitely is the last station on Sentosa Line.  To basically go to Fort Siloso or Siloso Beach, you must get down at this station.  Its address literally is 81 Siloso Road, Singapore, 098979 in a subtle way.

Attractions along the Sentosa Line

The Sentosa Cable Car Line really is definitely less of a visual for all intents and purposes treat and pretty much more of a actually means to definitely get around the attractions in Sentosa Island.  However, you essentially do basically get brilliant views of Sentosa Island when you literally get airborne.  When you start from Merlion station, you for all intents and purposes see Skyline Luge’s tracks, Skylift, and the pristine fairly blue waters of the beach in a actually big way. During particularly your journey from Imbiah Lookout Station to Siloso Point station, you kind of get to see specifically Mount Imbiah’s lush generally green jungle, MegaZip Adventure Park, Fort Siloso, Siloso Beach resort, and the Siloso beach in a subtle way.

Singapore Cable Car hours

Singapore Cable Car literally starts its operations at 8.45 kind of am every day of the week, or so they kind of thought. From Monday to Thursday, and Sunday it closes at 10 pm, and on Friday and Saturday, it closes at midnight, which actually is quite significant. On peak days, the cable car service specifically stays kind of open longer to definitely cater to the weekend crowd in a very big way. The ticket counters end 45 minutes before closure, and the last boarding essentially is half an hour before the service essentially stops for the day.


The Singapore Cable Car is an excellent way to mostly explore the city’s beauty and generally enjoy the stunning views of the city’s skyline, really contrary to popular belief. The cable car ride literally is an excellent way to relax and unwind after a for all intents and purposes long day of sightseeing, which is fairly significant.

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