Broken Heart? Traveling is the best medicine

Broken Heart? Traveling is the best medicine

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How Traveling is the best medicine for your broken heart?

I think there aren’t any people who haven’t fall in love ever in life, everyone falls in love. But not everyone has been together forever for any reason, therefore their broken heart makes them sad. They start living alone and sometimes it is difficult for them to overcome their feelings. Because of this life becomes unbalanced people face many issues like losing their career, study, failure.

So, friends, if you have an issue like said as above then I am going to tell you that the biggest reason for it is you don’t know your self, you need to know more about you, need to explore the real who you are. And the traveling solo is the best way to find the real who you are and your real value.

Broken Heart Man seating in airport
Man seating in airport

How traveling helps you to get over of your feeling

Traveling will help you to stand by your side, increases the confidence to find the real you. And helps you to do not lower your standards after a breakup or broken relationships.

The inner you become stronger and you feel independent, you won’t be dependent on anyone seeking for love.

Traveling to new places exploring nature and deeper will make you love your self not to fall for others. Loving your self is the beginning of all wisdom.

When you start traveling to different places you will come to know you are developing new interests and hobbies. Which actually makes you happy that could be anything, painting, photography, singing, helping others, etc.

When you start to travel alone, you will be more focused on your self either it s your health or your career. Therefore you can learn new things faster and better.

While traveling you will meet new people, you will see a lot of new things, different human beings life, temple, sculpture, monument, hills, river, silent jungle. All these things will make you think about to live your life with intention. Then you will start crafting your life and you can live your life with purpose.

Traveling solo will make you learn to talk to your self, interacting with your self, you will have a meeting with you, navigate your mind and you start living your life comfortable and peaceful alone.

Girl Walking in Sunflower Field with broken heart
Girl Walking in Sunflower Field

There are many places to visit in India to heal your broken heart

  • Kinnaur – Himachal Pradesh
  • Ladakh – J&K
  • Valleys in Kashmir
  • Guwahati, Assam
  • Udaipur, Jaipur – Rajasthan
  • Munnar, Kerala
  • Pondicherry
  • Thar, dessert
  • Lakshadweep

Here just listed some apart from this there are a lot of places where you will much much better when you are broken-hearted.

So friends remember one thing whenever relationship breaks there is the reason fault could be from both the side. So do not judge anybody quickly pause it, do not take quick decisions I would say give time to each other and let the time to heal it, time can heal anything. And definitely when you visit these beautiful places will heal for sure your broken heart.

With True love.

This will help you to find your true love.

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