What special about Purple Island And Its Psychological Effect

What special about Purple Island And Its Psychological Effect

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Today here we have come up with a new trip idea where you will different not because of the place. But the reason would color and that is Purple. SO let us tell you What special about Purple Island And Its Psychological Effect. Purple Island With travel restricted within the time of COVID-19, several places need to come back up with novel ways. In which to lure the traveler crowds back. Associate degree island off the southwestern coast of Asian country has virtually given itself associate degree all-purple makeover.

Where is Purple Island

What special about Purple Island And Its Psychological Effect. Woman standing near closed door
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Nicknamed South Korea’s Purple Island, Banwol Island. Maybe a remote fishing community with fewer than a hundred and fifty residents. And by painting the city purple. They need to be seen a spike in guests since Gregorian calendar month last year. Inspired by nature’s blush About four hundred of the island’s roofs. Alongside structures like phone booths and bridges, are painted with the distinctive shade of lilac.

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The color was chosen to match as closely as doable to the purple island’s native purple bellflowers, additionally called campanulas. As a part of the purple project. The government has additionally planted over 30,000 New England. Asters and twenty, 500 sq. meters of the lavender area to spruce up South Korea’s Purple Island.

Take a rehearse the fields of lavenders, or stroll through the villages. Wherever sidewalks, homes, and even food trucks area unit painted purple. A good spot to not be incomprehensible for your Instagram aesthetic is that the painting purple bridge. That connects Banwol Island with Bakji Island near.

Facilities on South Korea’s Purple Island

To additional welcome the new surge in tourists. Banwol Island has come up with new facilities and amenities to make whole purple island expertise. These embrace a restaurant, 2 full-service restaurants (one every on Bakji and Banwol), bike rental services, and a little edifice. At simply KRW5,000 per person, you’ll be able to rent a motorbike and explore the total island at a leisurely pace.

Reach on Purple Island

From the capital of South Korea station, get on the Korean Train categorical (KTX) high-speed train to Mokpo station

You can take a bus from Mokpo station to Anjwa village

Finally, take the Anjwa Village Bus to the Purple Bridge

The admission price to Banwol Island is KRW3,000 for adults, KRW2,000 for teenagers, and KRW1,000 for youths. Don’t forget to travel wearing matchy purple outfits with the place. And acquire the most effective Instagram photograph for your feed! Let’s hope that the trip to Asia country would be done before long. And that we will explore South Korea’s Purple Island wonderland!

Psychological Effects of Color Purple

Purple island - woman standing on pin flowers field
Image Source – Unsplash

Color can impact the individual mood, feeling, behaviors and decisions. Here the purple color has a psychological effect

Purple Color – Royal Color, Symbol of Royalty and Wealth, Purple is soothing, Mysterious, Exotic, sensual.

Purple color food also has some great health benefits You can have the purple color food in your diet like vegetables, fruit, drink, syrup, juice, etc. So this is it in today’s topic on What special about Purple Island And Its Psychological Effect

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